Manufacturer Recalls for November 2024

Manufacturer Recalls for November 2024

As we progress towards the closing of 2024, here are the recall news that made the headlines in November.

Jeep announces a recall for their Wrangler 4xe hybrid models for possible fire risk. Affecting the 2021-2024 models of the SUV, the issue has been investigated by Jeep following eight vehicle fires that, thankfully, did not report any injuries. The customers of these vehicles are requested to park their vehicles away from other vehicles or structures. The recommendation also includes a direction to stop recharging these vehicles until the issue is fixed. The fix for this issue will be a software flash but even if this does not fix, they will replace the battery pack. A total of 32,125 vehicles are affected in the USA, and around another 13,000 vehicles add to the count from other markets.

A large number of 250,000 vehicles from Honda are also under a recall. These vehicles may be prone to serious engine damage due to a manufacturing defect. Premature wear may appear in a bearing for the connecting rod and this can seize the same over time. An incorrect equipment setting at the factory is pointed out as the possible root cause.  Despite the large number, Honda estimates that only 1% of these vehicles are affected by this issue. The fix for this is, of course, dismantling the engine and inspecting the parts. The models affected include the Pilot from 2016, 2018 and 2019, Odysseys from 2018 and 2019, and the 2015-2020 Acura TLX, and 2016-2020 Acura MDX.

Over 1.8 million examples of the popular Toyota RAV4 SUV are also under a recall for a fire risk. To be specific, RAV4s made from 2013 to 2018 are probably affected. The recall stems from the fact that these vehicles may be equipped with a battery that is too small. This means that even after clamping it in place, the battery can wiggle around. If the terminals touch the hold-down clamp, it can cause a short circuit, possibly even a fire. Though not final yet, the fix is to replace the hold-down clamp, positive terminal cover and battery tray to better accommodate this new battery.

One of Volkswagen’s new EVs, the ID.4 is now called back into the dealer’s due to a potential issue with the sunshade. Though not a functional issue, the fabric roller sunshade used for the panoramic sunroof may not be as fire-retardant as the US laws dictate. The fix for this issue is to apply a flame retardant to the fabric at the dealer’s end. Interestingly, the ID.4s built after August 1, 2023, come with the sunshade flipped, with the exterior bit facing the inside of the vehicle. According to VW, this has shown “consistently better performance” in the tests.

Honda Accord

Honda pops up in this month’s list with yet another recall that pans over 303,000 units of the popular Accord sedan and the HR-V crossover. The model years affected include 2023 and 2024. A missing rivet for the front seat belt pretensioner triggers this recall. The absence of this fastener can prevent the seat belt from performing its task properly, and this, of course, increases the chances of an injury. The fix for this is, you guessed it, inspecting and fitting in the rivet if it is missing.

That is all from the penultimate month of yet another year. We will be back with more news in December, so stick around.

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