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Michelin EV Track Day & Pilot Sport 4-S

Michelin EV Track Day & Pilot Sport 4-S

Michelin’s EV Track Day, held on November 28 at the Dubai Autodrome, showcased the latest in electric vehicle (EV) technology and the exceptional performance of Michelin tyres. Visitors witnessed firsthand the impulse force, incredible acceleration, and superior grip delivered by a number of Michelin tyres on the track.

Participants had the unique opportunity to enjoy open track driving with Grade A instructors and test the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres that have been designed with an exceptional dry/wet grip for high-performance and outstanding steering control. The tyre is also equipped with acoustic technology for reduced noise and enhanced ride comfort.

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Subscription for Cars - Subscribe ME

Subscription for Cars – Subscribe ME

In the dynamic realm of technology, businesses must consistently outpace the competition and adapt to an ever-shifting environment, as progressive services emerge and evolve, becoming integral catalysts in driving regional innovation and upholding international best practices, exemplifying the potential to revolutionise industries and unleash unprecedented growth opportunities.

In fact, technology has transformed the business landscape, empowering smaller operations to compete on equal footing. These enterprises are carving out competitive advantages in today’s dynamic economy by harnessing diverse technological tools, from servers to mobile devices. Business owners must integrate technology into their strategic planning, allowing seamless adoption and future growth.

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LYNC & CO – Touches down in Doha, Qatar.

Lynk & Co made its official entry into the Qatari market on October 6th at Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) through a collaboration with Auto Class Cars, a subsidiary of the NBK Group. Auto Class Cars will be the exclusive distributor, overseeing Lynk & Co’s sales and services in Qatar.

Auto Class Cars, affiliated with Qatar’s prestigious Nasser Bin Khaled Group, has a track record of success representing renowned brands like Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, MG, and Maxus in Qatar. Auto Class Cars see Lynk &

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Mashfique Chowdhury Founder of DriveArabia is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Yes, that’s right. is celebrating its 20th anniversary! As one of the pioneers of the Middle East’s internet era, and the longest-standing automotive website in the GCC, it’s hard to believe we were born when the majority of the population were still using dial-up internet, and smartphones weren’t a thing yet.  

I used to dabble in automotive websites from the time I was briefly in a U.S. college during the dot-com bubble of 2000. I later transferred to a college in the UAE. The original portal was conceived and started back when I was still in college,

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DriveArabia Mohamed Naeem Partner & Marketing Director

Maserati GranTurismo Prima-Series Launched by Al Tayer Motors

Al Tayer Motors, the UAE’s official Maserati importer-dealer, launched the new iteration of one of the brand’s icons, the new Maserati GranTurismo, marking a new chapter in a story that began 75 years ago with the Maserati A6 1500. The GranTurismo coupé combines the high performance of a sports car comfortable for travelling long distances with a powerful internal combustion engine.

It represents a benchmark, embodying the concept of ‘The Others Just Travel’.  Hamdy Elshantoury, General Manager at Maserati Middle East and Africa said: “The return of the icon,

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GIMS Tour d’Excellence arrives successfully in Doha, cementing the Geneva-Doha connection

Geneva International Motor Show Tour d’Excellence arrives successfully in Doha!

Tour d’Excellence of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) reached its grand culmination in Doha, Qatar, after a 34 days and 8000 km drive. The two crews, led by Frank M Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed AG and Rainer Zietlow, owner of, left Geneva on August 28. The arrival in Doha not only marks the completion of this incredible journey, but also celebrate the upcoming opening of GIMS Qatar automotive festival which will take over the city of Doha and beyond from 5 to 14 October.

This extraordinary expedition at the wheel of two 100% electric Volkswagen ID.

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Royal Enfield's Official Store Opens in Dubai in Partnership with AWRostamani

Royal Enfield’s Official Store Opens in Dubai in Partnership with AWRostamani

Royal Enfield, global leader in the midsize motorcycle segment (250cc – 750cc), today announced plans to further strengthen its presence in the Middle East and Africa region with the appointment of AW Rostamani Group as its official distribution partner for the UAE region. With the newly formed alliance Royal Enfield will further widen its presence in the UAE. AW Rostamani Group today inaugurated its first Royal Enfield store at Umm Suqeim St. Dubai. Speaking about the partnership with AW Rostamani Group, Yadvinder Singh Guleria, CCO of Royal Enfield, said, “We have been focused on growing the midsize motorcycle segment in the middle eastern markets for almost a decade now.

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