GWM TANK 500 & TANK 300's off-roading capabilities showcased at XQuarry, Sharjah.

GWM TANK 500 & TANK 300’s off-roading capabilities showcased at XQuarry, Sharjah.

GWM’s TANK, under the distributorship of Al Naboodah Group (and Swaidan Trading), hosted its first-ever Fun Drive event in the UAE on Saturday, the 2nd of March. The brand made its debut in the country in June 2023, immediately leaving a significant impact on the market. Its luxury off-road SUVs quickly established themselves as formidable off-roading powerhouses.

The event commenced with a gathering of zealous TANK customers at the GWM Deira showroom. The morning was set in motion with an ambient atmosphere filled with light music and an array of gourmet bite-sized foods, setting the stage for the day’s adventurous agenda. 

Following a presentation and a briefing of the event, the customers formed an impressive convoy, driving together, unitedly, to XQuarry, a professional and licensed off-roading training facility situated in Sharjah. XQuarry is home to 30 obstacle courses, showcasing and putting driver and car capabilities to the ultimate test. Customers engaged in a meticulously designed track, navigating through specially designed obstacles and varied terrains that tested the robust capabilities of their TANK 500 and TANK 300 vehicles. This segment of the event was symbolic of the vehicles’ exceptional off-road prowess and resilience, providing an authentic and thrilling driving experience.

The event concluded on a note of customer engagement with quiz rounds, after which the winners were given exclusive prizes. The day ended with lunch, allowing participants to share their experiences and foster stronger community bonds. Al Naboodah and GWM TANK extend their gratitude to all participants for making the Fun Drive Event a uniquely memorable occasion. The event not only reinforced the brand’s position as a leader in off-road vehicle performance but also demonstrated its dedication to its customer community and their adventurous spirit. 

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