Chinese luxury car fails crash test

Chinese luxury car fails crash test

brilliance bs6 chinese car crash test

Chinese cars are starting to make inroads in the Middle East thanks mainly to their price. While we feel they should be even cheaper, people are still starting to snap up some of these cars. The Chinese are also trying to conquer Europe, but they have to pass Europe’s strict crash test regulations. Shown above is the latest car to try, known as the Brilliance BS6, a midsize luxury car.

Needless to say, it failed miserably. The test was conducted by Germany-based ADAC, and involves a 64 kph head-on crash into a barrier, same as well-known Euro-NCAP tests. The last Chinese vehicle to test, a 4WD called Landwind, also failed. To be fair, we cannot comment on how Chery, the top Chinese brand in the GCC, performs in these tests, but we won’t hold our breath.

To compare, see the tiny Toyota Yaris hatchback in a similar test.

toyota yaris crash test

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  1. 64 kph? why test it at speeds the car never achieve? 😉 i bet it is quite safe at its top speed of 10 kph

  2. anyone that buys chinese cars is crazy 😡

  3. they sure are cheap cars, but after seein this, it seems like a rip-off! 😛

  4. Just goes to show why not to trust cheep chinese c**p, seriously no-one should trust these cars, even in China. Maybe the chinese government are allowing them on their roads as another population control measure.

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