Dubai Motorsport Festival or something

Dubai Motorsport Festival or something


The Dubai Autodrome has announced the Dubai Motorsport Festival that will take place on 15, 16 and 17 November 2007. Basically, they plan to host various types of racing all in three days.

Unlike previous seasons, when the running of the Motorcity GT500 was limited to one category of international motorsport, the Dubai Motorsport Festival will host the Speedcar Series (a Nascar derivative), the FIA GT3 European Championship and the Formula Campus Renault French Championships.

The on track activities will be spread over the three days with Thursday being dedicated to practice and qualifying sessions for the international and the national classes. The race programme on Friday and Saturday will be similar with a race for each category – Speedcar, GT3, Formula Campus Renault, national Saloon Cars, national motorcycles and Radical Series – on both days.


The last time we went to a GT500 event, the stands were nearly empty. Even those VW GTI racing tournaments held regularly at the Autodrome cater to empty stands, with more staff than spectators, even though you will never see Autocar ME report that, since they are involved in its pathetic promotion. Let’s hope Dubai spends some dime on promoting this new “festival” instead of blowing it all on mismanaged Shakira concerts.

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  1. keep spending millions while people in third world countries dont have enough to eat

  2. ali u r right dude… 🙁

  3. U r right Ali, but forget third world countries. Here in Dubai , construction and many many other workers, do you know how much they get .. they earn 350 Dhs per month.. Pathetic,,.. cant imagine the conditions they work in and their living conditions.

  4. even if they did not hold the competition what makes u think they’ll give those millions to third world countries.

  5. thanks for ur comments;hope leaders of middle east hear us too.

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