So we got a pimped Hummer H3

So we got a pimped Hummer H3


General Motors home-delivered this blingtastic Hummer H3 to our doorstep. It is a very eye-catching vehicle, like no other midsize 4WD on the road today. It has a uniqueness similar to the Jeep Wrangler and the Land Rover Defender, but it is designed to be accessorized. In fact, our tester itself had some extra-cost options installed, and it looked great (and expensive) from the outside. But the interior is a different story.

Almost every surface is hard plastic, with small amounts of padding here and there. The leather looks fake, and to top it off, the handle to release the parking brake came off on my first pull, so I don’t use it any more.

All windows are tiny, while the engine and brakes are from the 1970s. At least handling and cabin space were slightly better than expected. We have yet to take it off-road, where it should shine. True offroader it is. Luxury competitor it is not.

What do you think?



  1. got some serious chrome on the outside 😯 lets hope it dosent get stuck where the x5 did :mrgreen:

  2. boring and slow car… 😳

  3. you shud make some1 ‘blast thru sand’ in it 😉

  4. it’s slow/\.. pick up not tht great..looks are deceiving..inside normal and cheap….yo

  5. h2 better than h3… 😛

  6. you bet…felt great in it….but had a back pain the next day 👿

  7. I never liked the hummer family.looks like a box.Prefer the lincoln and cadillac.

  8. IT SUCKS……….. 😎

  9. i hate this car, looks like a box with 4 wheels
    but the good thing is that you can go over some one on his car if you get angry hahahahaha 🙂 😉

  10. Thats my car… :mrgreen:

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