Initial info on "new" 2008 Audi A4

Initial info on “new” 2008 Audi A4

2008 audi a4

This apparently is a leaked first photo of the “new” Audi A4. It looks like it has some sort of sport kit on it. We are not sure if the platform is new, since the car looks like a simple facelift yet again, but we found some other info.

The base engine is a 160 hp 1.8-litre four-cylinder while the top non-S4 engine is a 260 hp 3.2-litre V6. Other engines include a 2.0-litre, a 2.7-litre and a 3.0-litre diesel. Looks a lot like carryover motors with mild power upgrades.

The car will debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. We don’t intend to report on this car any more until Audi ME officially sends us a press release. We won’t hold our breath.


What do you think?



  1. audi as good as ever..
    superb car… 😀

  2. Still got the trademark front grill which is brilliant…..but the backseat space? any change to this?

  3. Hi – I Just visited audi Showroom and liked the A4 1.8, being straight 4 seems to be underpowered considering the body size?

    Pls advise


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