Many new car launches this week

Many new car launches this week


To our regular visitors, it might seem obvious that I haven’t put up a new car review in almost two weeks now. The truth is I’ve been swamped with–what else–life, since this website is nothing more than charity work on my part (given I make almost no money from it). I’ll be busy this week as I have to attend three new car launches at least. But I’ve also been a bit frustrated over stuff involving this website too.

I randomly picked up a copy of the new Evo Middle East magazine, since I liked their British version the last time I read it in 2001. And I realised why VW cancelled our scheduled test drives. They gave the Eos, Jetta and GTI all to Evo for that month. Shows how much respect VW has for us. At least Evo dissed the Jetta into the ground. Amusing stuff.

This weekend we were supposed to get the Corvette ZO6 from GM. Turns out the previous tester got it impounded till at least the next few weeks. Then I glance at this month’s Evo, and read that they “enjoyed” the car in the middle of Dubai Media City. I wonder if it is them who got the car impounded. Guess we’ll never know. Not GM’s fault at all though.

Anyway, the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Lancer GTS launch on the 4th this week, the Toyota FJ Cruiser on the 5th, and the Volvo C30 on the 6th. We get to sign up for Volvo test drives at their event. Let’s see where we fall on the priority list, given we’ve never driven a Volvo before.

I’ll be back.

What do you think?



  1. its really an interesting weekend. 😀

  2. Did you attend the Lancer/outlander launch?
    Can you put some stuff regarding that launch on the website?

    Since there is absolutely no involvement, advertisements from Al habtoor motors regarding this…their website is outdated!…

  3. i’m talking about pics, info..etc

  4. the C30 looks interesting

  5. I wonder how mach will C30 cost?

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