Many new cars launched recently

Many new cars launched recently


A number of new cars were launched this month, although not all of them had the fancy launch party that Nissan had. BMW didn’t even have a party for their Rolls and Mini models.

Nissan Xterra – Nissan’s answer to Hummer and Jeep. Starts at Dhs 91,000.

Nissan Navara – Basically a Pathfinder pickup with a cheaper interior. Starts at Dhs 62,000.

Nissan Qashqai – A lifestyle 4WD for mall-crawlers. Starts at Dhs 69,000.

Nissan Altima – Class-leading midsize sedan. Starts at Dhs 69,500.

Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works – A pricey pimped-up sporting Mini. Estimated at Dhs 140,000.

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe – Yacht on wheels. Price? If you have to ask, you cannot afford it.

These will go into the new car buyer guide in due time.

What do you think?



  1. man, nissan rules 😈
    we will get the altima by saturday

  2. tHE Xterra in US starts at approx $22000 wHiCh is IN aEd 80000 bUT 91000 as A Starting PriCe IS tOO muCH …aND wHEn wiLL altiMA nEw modEls hit The shOwrOOMs….a Re theY alreDY thEre???

  3. man where do you live
    its in the showrooms since 4 days
    and we reserve one 😯

  4. I guess in the Middle East the PICK UP market still exist, altho we see lost of SUV and Passenger cars in Dubai. Tarmac roads have reduced the pickup demand in ME..
    Thatz the reason for the new all new Navara (I guess correct me if I am worng)

    HILUX still rules the roost eh?? 👿

  5. u r insane if u buy 120k MINI.By the way i can afford the Roll Royce.

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