So we got a Honda Legend

So we got a Honda Legend


Marwa, the new Toyota/Honda PR lady, has been doing a great job keeping us in the loop for test drives of their latest cars. No one else actually calls us first to fix us up with their most recent models. Thanks to her, we were probably the first ones to publicly post the review for the GCC-spec FJ Cruiser. We are a bit late with the Legend, considering others have reviewed it a month ago, but the timing is still good. The return of the Legend has been a long time coming.

The Legend drives amazingly well. Comfort is top-notch and handling is fun indeed. I’ll have to push it further to see what it can do. The engine is powerful at high revs, but there is no punch at low revs whatsoever, stemming from the fact that it is only a V6 in what is a very large car. But it’s a minor complaint. The fact that it looks like a big 1990s Accord doesn’t help matters.

But our biggest complaint is the screwed-up on-board computer that is currently not letting us change a/c settings, or even see any of its other functions. It is simply stuck in navigation mode, and even that one only works with the supplied remote only, and not with the dash controls. Something is seriously wrong here, because we were finally forced to read the manual, and there is no mention of how to switch between the factory-installed-but-optional Garmin navigation system and the rest of the actual computer. Since we are held hostage to the computer, all we can do is run the a/c in automatic mode and have tons of air blown in our faces all the time.

What do you think?



  1. in it’s price range,u can buy Chrysler 300c SRT-8.Isn’t it ridiculous? 🙁

  2. is she beautiful just like this car 😎

  3. Is this car like ES350( comfortable and quiet in 120 km/h)??????

  4. and even much better than the ES and GS
    and honda cars are very lux. and good.
    this car is compared with the BMW 7 series and MERcedes (as i heard)
    although its size does not showw that. and thats a week point against the design.

  5. bad looking car…
    buy jeep srt8

  6. Author

    It is quieter than the ES, and handles almost like an IS. The interior is also beautiful, but not much more spacious than an Accord. It is only as quick as the ES, with not enough torque, but feels like a BMW in drive.

  7. hey guys………… any news about the accord 2008????????????????????????????????/

  8. you see mash, the problem is that it has a 3.5 liters engine which is 6 cylinders and thats not to much if you compare it with the 7 series or s class mers. but am sure it they play with the size and the engine was 8 cylinders it will be perfect. but there should be in every car some bad points. lool

  9. Author

    The Accord is launching on the 4th of November, and on the 6th, a bunch journalists will drive to Fujairah in four of them, including me. You can be sure that I will be the first to write a real review in the GCC.

  10. honda fan, i saw in many arab forums the new accord in saudi and in bahrain. it will be lunched after a short period for sure. just be patient.

  11. take this as a gift some pics of the honda in bahrain (i think 😀 )

  12. I dont think v8 engine will be better than v6 in legend. japanese factories are specialized doing great v6 engines. ( no big different between G35 and M45 ).
    Also honda trys keeping there cars perfect effect of fuel economy

  13. who told you there is no big difference between V8 and V6 engines.
    and how you assumed that the v8 engine will not be better than V6 on the legend. and japanese are good in building many V8 engines.
    but the problem is that their cars in japan cant exceed the limit of 300 hp thats why they are building I4 and V6. and as an example of the fuel economy
    5.6 armada consumes less than 4.5 landcruser or 4.8 patrol. that thing depends on the type of injection a and how the ECU is controlled.

  14. and really iam impressed from your comment on the QX and the nissan altima and the z350 (i wish if i will marry a woman who is talking about cars like you). the problem is that when ever i try to talk about cars to any one of my sisters the shutme up. loooool. i hope that after all of these comments that you are a girl.
    i will reply on you comment on the soft steering and pedals in the new altima (the car that is made for girls as you think, girl) 🙄 .
    yalla have a nice weekend :mrgreen:

  15. OK, have a nice halloween and a nice weekend

  16. thankz guys for the pics. since i’m from Bahrain. can’t wait………………………………………………….

  17. you are welcome 😉

  18. dear Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury
    please tell me i had a dyno test on my 2007 infinti g35 and on automatic it went 0 to 100kms in just exact 5.1 second…with sport automatic gear 5sec and if would turn the vdc of it would be more quicker….i had been tested my car with 2 different dyno and both gave me the same result

  19. Author

    A dyno is a controlled environment with no effects of friction, temperature, wind resistance, etc.

  20. no friction, no wind resistance, OK
    but how no temperature?????????????????????? 😯
    i know they are using huge fans infront of the car but they are just for cooling.
    but dont worry mr asad, these are going to be true in the G37 (2008)
    and wait for the G37S. and when they are saying S they meant it. :mrgreen:

  21. those who are waiting for the honda accord, these are the prices for the 2008 model in saudi arabia (in uae there will be some little changes)
    and the dates for launching the car their.
    (note: arabic website) :mrgreen:

  22. my g35 is sport model it is g35s over here

  23. so, thats why it is less than 6 seconds.

  24. :mrgreen: I think his timer is broken or the speed gauge in his car doesn’t work correctly

  25. oh yeah,,,,,,,,
    i thik Asad has g35s with different tire size, which makesthe result of speed gauge more than the true speed

  26. no even the company claims 0 to 100 in 5.1 seconds

  27. mr asad if the company claims that then dont get confused. no one is going to be better than the company in that thing(but just make sure its 0-100kph not 0-60 miles/hr)

  28. yes o to 100 in 5.1 i am sure and thanks

  29. thats infiniti
    check this link
    and see the new G37s

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