Volkswagen Passat CC launches in Detroit

Volkswagen Passat CC launches in Detroit


As Dubai celebrates Bush Day by announcing a public holiday during George W’s visit here, the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in America is in full swing, and one of the first launches include the weird 2009 Volkswagen Passat CC, a so-called “coupe” that still looks like a damn four-door sedan.


Inspired by the much-cooler Mercedes-Benz CLS, the CC simply is a reskinned Passat, thereby riding on the same crappy front-driven Passat platform and utilising the same VW engines, topping the range with a 300 hp 3.6-litre V6, while the lowest engine is reported as basic as the 115 hp 2.0-litre inline-4. All-wheel-drive will probably be available in the top versions. Probably optional, there will be three selectable chassis control systems, namely Sport, Normal and Comfort. In addition to a host of electronic gizmos, Volkswagen will begin offering its own version of the Lexus LS Park Assist feature on the CC.


A good-looking car for sure, but with the expected jump up in price above the already-overpriced Passat, and with a non-sporting platform to boot, we expect it to die out in a few years, if not carrying on with a handful of sales like the Phaeton.


What do you think?



  1. “we expect it to die out in a few years” looooooooool
    VW cars are very good and they live very long. if you compare the prices for service their cars, they are going to be the cheapest. i hope it will succed in doing what its made for 🙂

  2. “the prices for service their cars” i meant between the german manu.

  3. Author

    I didn’t mean the cars will break down in a few years. That is a whole other argument I won’t get into right now. I meant the car will be cancelled in many markets once it flops.

  4. lets hope not :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  5. do you hav any idea wats the price range for this car…….i think i might go for the 2.0t

  6. mash, do you have any idea about the next generation of infiniti Q
    some people are saying its the ANTIMA that was shown in one of the motor shows.

  7. it isn’t beauty, the normal passat looks better in my opinion

  8. MHC- is the CC being offered in the region also? is it a 4 seater only ? like the European ones?

  9. Author
  10. Pliz let me know how much is the Full optional Passat CC 2.0 FSI

  11. çok güzel ben türkiye diyarbak?r ofis semtinde oturuyorum en sewdigim araba bi bu paasat caddy ve transporter

  12. After all its has a luxury car price with an economy car performance… sure its nice, but i agree with Mash, it wont last… 😕 🙂

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