So we got an Infiniti EX35 again

So we got an Infiniti EX35 again

The week when we picked up our first Infiniti EX35, we also drove a Honda Accord, a Jaguar XF and a CSV CR8, while also covering the Yellow Hat tint install on our BMW M Roadster — a hectic week for sure. I didn’t spend too much time going over the EX35’s features after measuring its performance figures. So we asked for an EX35 again, before I take a break from testing any more cars for a while. This second greyish EX35 is actually a different car than our previous silver tester, but all else was the same, except this one came with the navigation DVD.

I already covered the cool parking feature the last time, and enjoyed using it this time round too. But I figured I’ll point out some of this Infiniti’s other features.

Notice the ultra-low ground clearance for a 4WD, being comparable to a compact car. Also check out the huge front brakes behind the 18-inch wheels. The EX is more of a sports wagon than anything else.

Front cabin space is very good, as is the ambience, with every textured surface being soft to the touch.

Rear cabin space is comparable to that of a Chevy Aveo, but at least the headroom is good.

The luggage area floor is shorter than that of most compact 4WDs, but still reasonable. However, notice how little the volume is due to the sloping rear window.

I then noticed the buttons on the sides of the trunk, which allows the automatic lowering and raising of the flat-folding rear seats. So all is not lost in the name of style.

The front camera is hidden well, being integrated into the grille badge. And it’s just one in a set of four.

And I keep noticing the finely-crafted cabin, with stitched features and real wood, although I cannot help noticing too many different colours making up the design. The uppers are grey, the leathers are tan, the wood is red, and the handle-button areas are graphite, with generous amounts of chrome.

Finally, the needle on the engine-temperature gauge never rises above cold, even in this summer weather. If you wait for this car to “warm up,” you might as well take a long nap after starting it.

Also, note that we got worse fuel economy with this one by as much as 3 litres per 100 km when compared to our last EX, which could simply mean that my moron of a PR guy pounded on this one harder than the last one during his stint with the car. I always assumed that his level of pounding on cars with his right gorilla-foot is generally always heavy, and didn’t expect him to be able to pound on a car any more heavily. He has managed to get worse fuel economy out of this V6 “crossover” than I get with my offroad-enabled V8 Jeep.

What do you think?



  1. its a superb car..
    i love fx35 :mrgreen:

  2. dude….will the mileage seriously become worse if we floor the throttle all the time……and this cannot be corrected afterwards rite?

  3. hi maani its EX35 maybe you got confused
    Don about the fuel economy: this engine is the same as the one in the G35
    the owners of this car(G35)are saying if the driver is in a good mood and he is driving in a nice way he can make 550-600 KMs, and if your leg is heavy in driving this can go down betwn 450-500 kms.
    i dont know about the EX35 but it should be near that

  4. oh i forgot, mash this time you added many pics and comments and thats nice (the pics are good). have a nice ride. hehehe :mrgreen:

  5. oh cool so u got that hatchback again for testing lol…

  6. why buy the EX35 when u can a used infinti FX35 at the same price?its ludacris.

  7. maybe it has something to do with the availability of much more features 🙄 provided you like the ex35 shape.

  8. well i did own a nissan sunny 1.6 ex before….which apparently gave me only 250-280kms……its supposed to give more than 500kms….this wasnt a used car…i used to floor the throttl eall the time…is this the reason behind this low mileage?

  9. Author

    Well, yeah. 😆

  10. OMG…don, this is going to happen even if it was the most strong engine in the world. hehehehe
    ali you want to know why to buy the EX35 instead of the old FX35…
    open this link and look at those awards: at the end as i said lexus falls behind the dragon infiniti after 3 of its new cars were considered (M45(highest ranked)-EX35(highest ranked)-G35)(now lexus falls to third place behind infiniti and porsche)
    and the NEW FX50 or 35 is not considered because still its a 2009 model, lets wait for its place next time(and we can see a place of the fat QX56 between those cars)
    this is only without cosidering the power difference between the new and the old models (the new EX35 can kill the old FX35) there is a difference of 1 sec between them. and the coming infiniti FX35 is faster than its old model by around 2 sec (if we take the old timing from drivearabia)

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