2009 Kia Sportage gets minor facelift

2009 Kia Sportage gets minor facelift

The 2009 Kia Sportage will be the recipient of a minor facelift. It is due to be launched soon, unless it is already in local showrooms and we were not told about it. Incidentally, this new version has already been on sale in China for a while now.

Most noticeable, if at all, is the new front end. Engines and options are expected to remain the same as the current Sportage.

We also expect the incredibly-low Dhs 50,000 base price and incredibly-high 5-year warranty to remain.

What do you think?



  1. incredible price indeed! 😯 dont even get a normal car for that these days..

  2. really incrideble car i like it the shape is so cute & the price is acceptible & good 😉 😉

  3. This model is already in Kia UAE’s holding yards but not yet for sale in showrooms. This model was launched in S. Korea and China in 2007 as a 2008 model and the rest of the world will get it in 2008 as a 2009 model [by the end of this year]. Here, In UAE, It should launch between August to mid October cuz it was launched in Canada last month. Its also got USB and AUX jacks to connect your MP3s. About the price: HKAG [Hyundai-Kia Auto. Group] have bee forced to raise their car prices from Aug or Sept due to the rise in steel prices. Dont blame them. steel prices are increasing all the time but HKAG still kept the prices down but right now, They have no option. Here’s a quote from an article:
    “Kia announced it would raise all car prices for the local market by an average of 2.03 percent and lift prices for overseas markets by an average of 2.5 percent from August, next month.”

  4. Here is the article:
    Continuous rises in steel materials and logistics costs this year, has forced Kia Motors to increase the prices of its new cars. Kia announced it would raise all car prices for the local market by an average of 2.03 percent and lift prices for overseas markets by an average of 2.5 percent from August, next month.

    Kia has no other choice but to raise prices as it can not endure recent changes in the business environment. In the first five months, prices of steel plates have increased more than 60 percent, while logistic costs have gained up 27 percent the company said, adding that raw material prices are expected to raise further during the year.
    [Source: Reuters via Kia-World.net]
    but hey, the warranty is gonna be the same competetive 5 yrs/100,000km warranty. Mohave and Opirus get a 5yr unlimited km warranty.

  5. hey boris..does the sportage have low-range gearing??

  6. Author


  7. hey mash..after lots of brainstorming, i’ve finally brought down my list to only two cars..the Honda Accord 2.4 top of the line and the Mazda 6 2.5L top of the range..the former costs 94,600aed while the latter is a l’il more costlier wit itz tag at 95,800aed..i visited the showrooms and saw both the cars..mazda has a long list of features for the price compared to the accord which includes an 8-speaker Bose audio system, a 5-speed auto gearbox with tiptronic functions and paddle shifters, dynamic vehicle stability controls, xenon headlamps, LED taillamps etc..but the accord has an incredible interior space compared to the 6, n sadly notin more; mebbe apart from the resale value..the accord dealers say the car churns out 178 hp (which is obv the gross rating) and mazda sits at 170 hp (not sure if itz net or gross)..the seats in the mazda are way tooo comfortable than the accord..the comparison makes me lean towards the mazda 6…but i need a final opinion from sumone who is an expert; n tatz u 🙂 ..what do you think abt the reliability of mazda 6?? n can it reach the comfort, ride quality, quietness and handling levels of the accord?? the dealers are useless I heard; but trading enterprises never managed to completely satisfy my honda friends anyway..whtz ur say bro?

  8. Author

    I can’t compare since I haven’t driven the Mazda, and don’t plan to approach the small-time dealer. I assume it handles a bit better than the Accord, but I can’t comment on noise and ride. The Mazda sounds like the better deal. Real specs of the new models and reliability for the older models are in the guide.

  9. hey mash..thnx a lot..i’ve decided on the mazda 6 and have already booked for the 2.5L top of the range 🙂 …tried the base 2.0L mazda 6; ride was a bit firm; and engine noise was heard under hard throttle tho it is muffled well enuf…nywayz, thnx again..n i wont be eatin ur head until i sell this off after 2 – 3 years 😈 ..

  10. Designing Indicator lamps on view mirrors are missing.

  11. Are you talking about turn signals mounted on the rear view mirrors? their optional and I personally feel it doesnt suit the sportage.

  12. I bought the Honda Accord 3.5 Full option .. I love the voice when i press my accelerator, no doubt Mazda 6 has Beautiful looks, btw vivek congrats for ur new car, i also made my mind to buy the mazda 6 but when i saw honda accord full option seriously i was damn amazed, in nissan and mazda they say that they have 8 Bose speakers, BUt trust me i compared the music system of Honda Accord 3.5 kelvin clone Speaker with special woofer, it gives more sound than other two cars, it has a damn good power and it can also compete Nissan Altima 3.5 , ( m saying it wud compete but it wont win ) i never raced yet. ANyways Best of luck for ur new car

  13. heyy Rhymes. Congrats on the new car 🙂 …I had the Honda Accord in my mind, but the 2.4 full options one..3.5 V6 was out of question since I wasn’t looking for a 6-cylinder vehicle anyway; and that is also the reason why I dropped the idea of buying a 4wd (that was the initial idea)..however, the car is great..I’ve driven one of my friend’s new accord v6, and its very good!..ofcourse, if you compete with the Altima V6, you shall never win; but then, the car is much bigger and a l’il heavier than the Altima..It is more smoother on the road too. And about the sound system; yes, the subwoofer in the Accord 3.5 is more powerful than the ones in Altima and Mazda 6..Oh yea, I liked that noise cancellation feature too. Anyway, enjoy the ride 🙂

  14. I’m planning to buy one vehicle. Kia Sportage or Mazda 6. Which one is good? Anybody can help me out??

  15. hi guys am planning to buy a sportage however am a little bit hesitated ! is it better to get Honda Civic?? they are on the same price range!!
    please advice 🙂

  16. i want kia sportage 2009 speed please

  17. باسلام و خسته نباشید برای خرید یک عدد کیا اسپورتیج مدل 2009 میخواستم لطفا راهنماییم کنید

  18. من مثل شما وبلاگ ، قالب خود را زیبا ، چگونه خود را به شما طراحی تم؟

  19. Dear All

    i m planning to buy, 2009 Model Kia Sportage with 1 year Insurance 35,000 KM runed, please let me know how much shoud i pay.


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