So we got an Infiniti FX50 S

So we got an Infiniti FX50 S

When Lexus first came out, it was nothing more than a cheaper copy of a Mercedes-Benz when it came to looks. Still, Lexus is now known as the dullest luxury brand in the market, and a substandard attempt at taking on the Europeans. And now, a new generation of Infiniti models, while still building their brand, have already managed to surpass ever-desperate German stylists in terms of looks. It is hard to believe that the uncreative Japanese have beaten the Germans at their own game. And the Infiniti FX50 is the crowning glory of that achievement.


The detailing of the front end is weird but ultimately very unique, not requiring any description.


The rear is very similar to the old model, with little changes such as reshaped LED tail lamps. The tiny sloping rear window remains, reducing luggage volume to slightly more than that of a Tiida, with a complicated cargo-area cover that I couldn’t figure out how to remove.


The interior is as interesting as the exterior, although I am not a fan of the shit-brown theme. A big plus is that almost all cabin surfaces are soft-touch materials. No fake “leather-look” hard plastics at all.


The electric seats have a manual lower-thigh support that extends out and improves comfort, while also becoming a storage space for food crumbs and desert dust. Even the side-bolsters can be electrically adjusted.


The ass-cooling front seats were an excellent feature, when most luxury cars only have heated seats. We didn’t notice much of a difference between “auto” and “sport” settings. But the fancy suspension did handle body roll better than the FX’s confused little car-SUV brother.


But for some reason, our big FX might not have come with its little brother’s awesome four-camera overhead-view parking system. We saw the views from “only” three cameras. Maybe we just didn’t turn on the “around-view” mode, but it didn’t occur to me until I returned the car that the FX is supposed to have that “around-view” feature. That is why three-day test drives are a joke, because I still miss small things, lost among the sea of buttons. The showroom was already bugging me to return the car on the second day. So they’ll have to accept my half-assed report on the cameras.


The DVD screen flips open from the roof using a remote only. We didn’t turn it on though. I don’t even remember where the DVD drive was hidden.


Rear seat space is okay, but a Tiida might have a bit more useable legroom.


A whole bunch of blank button spaces (for optional electronic features) are the only unfortunate cheap bits we found.


The FX50 certainly is a cool vehicle. It handles well, although we got rather uninspiring 0-100 kph times from our tester, considering foreign reviewers broke the 6-second mark with it. A whole bunch of warning lights came on during our first drag run, and didn’t turn off until the car was restarted. Considering our tester has been in circulation among press geeks since last year before we got it, and is also a showroom demo car, maybe we got a bit of a dud — a very impressive dud that makes the Germans seem boring.

What do you think?



  1. wow mash so u tested the infiniti fx 50s Thanks Man my colour is the same as u have tested dont say bad about brown interior Mash can u tell how much it did from 0 to 100 i had it but i dont know yet from 0 to 100 kph in how many seconds?? 🙄

  2. Author

    It is supposed to do 5.6 seconds. I got more than a second slower.

  3. All Lie All Lie everybody was saying that cars prices will come down but nothing even they increase also for dumbo chevrolets i asked yesterday at al Ghandi motors chevrolet caprice royale without navigation cost 162000 thousand i was shocked.I was Expecting that The Mercedes Cls 63 will come to 300 thousand 😥 but it is above 500 thousand still 😥 😥

  4. Author

    It is the Dubai way. They might be selling 1 or 2 cars now instead of 30 cars per month, but they are too stubborn to reduce prices.

  5. I am a fan of this vehicle. Magnificent! can’t use that word on many german makes anymore…

  6. i love this car.. but i hve jeep srt8 faster then this car…

  7. why dont you just call those frogs (crossovers)?
    and this ugly one is too slow, more than 6.6 seconds to reach 100kph.
    at least Lexus gives true numbers but infiniti doesnt. people should be careful from those still-building brands these days.

    • Dream on pal. I have an fx50 and i raped the 2011 ls460L …also i ra ed a lexus ISF and i won from 0-100 …. Dream on lexus is not a comparison to infiniti

  8. Lexus is too slow dear its not because i am having infiniti fx 50 but i have tried lexus ls 460 which is very slow but yeah i do not have any words about comfort in the lexus.I have tried infiniti with chrysler srt 8 and both of our cars going head to head. JEEP SRT 8 6.1 AMERICAN FAULTY ENGINE AND 5.0 THIS ONE SO WHAT U TALKING ABOUT MAN.make infiniti 6.1 than see

  9. Mash,

    I am happy to see more and more interesting cars tested.
    Can you plese coment on the road noise of the vehicle?
    Is it very noisy under acceleration?
    Apart from the speed, do you recomend it as an every day car or not in terms of comfort?
    How do you compare this with Lexus gs460, I believe price of both is pretty much same: 240K AED

  10. Dear Mash,

    glad to see more interesting cars tested

    How is FX50 as an every day car regarding road noise, comfort, etc

    How do you compare it with Lexus gs460 which is same price

  11. Ok so then how come the US mags seem to be getting better numbers?? Others might not taken this into account but weather plays a big part, temperature, humidity, and so on..But in winter performance figures are supposed to improve..

  12. congrats mash for driving this beast…this car can beat the 6 seconds ….but maybe as mash said…this car is tired from testing…or there is something wrong….but i have to say…those pics for the car are very sexy…nice review….

  13. Author

    It rides firmly, so it isn’t for pure comfort driving. Road noise is noticeable, but not too bad.

  14. I like how ppl haggle over 0-100 times…even in if its an unspoken advantage to have a “faster” car..
    So you’re gonna arrive .5 seconds later than the next person …big fart.

  15. bad. I know this site is rated PG ..Mash, can you take out the F word. Truely meant every other word.

  16. yes this car is tired from just 5 months of testing 😆 😆 .
    i cant stop laughing 😆

  17. ignorance is a blessing 😎 😎

    you are jelous and you will always be…you elephant owner :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  18. Mash, do you think this fx worths AED 240k?

  19. Author

    Compared to a BMW X6, yes.

  20. who sead that cheep opps jeep srt8 faster than infinity i have fx50s i had a race with srt8 that was for my friend and i spanked the srt8 and tell him bye bye i was driving 240 and we stared from 0 😆

  21. btw it can beat cayeen porsche s

  22. The Manual extension of the driver seat is really pathetic

  23. Nice car >>> but the new jaguar SV8 is way faster … last week i raced FX50 s … is fast but not faster than XF SV8 …

  24. isn’t that a car? the FX50 is a crossover SUV

  25. why they just use a turbo V6 engine than putting their selves in trouble with the complicated ‘American-specialized’ V8 engine.

  26. Does anybody have an idea why BMW X6 and New 7 are so expensive here compared to US. Is it that dealer is greedy or are the US cars missing some options

  27. Mr Chowdhury

    I am a regular reader of drive Arabia and a keen follower of many car magazines, but never have I seen the usage of such Language (as you did in this article) to describe the color of Wood or of body words!
    Please maintain your standard, you can suggest or allude to what you want to say without the need to use vulgar and obscene language.


  28. Dealer probably greedy..

  29. Saad, its because the style of Mashfique is so much different that the standard Car magazines we are so happy to visit this web site so often.

    Actually he is doing reviews from a user perspective and this is what I kind of like about it

  30. A website says this 390 hp beast does 0-100 in 5.0 seconds and I guess it should

  31. maybe they meant 5.0L, not 5.0s 😆

  32. BMWs are more expensive in the middle east because they’re made in Germany. The ones in the US are assembled there, which lowers their prices.



  35. Hey Mash:
    Need some advise. I have a 2003 Q45. Done 237,000 kms. Car has been standing now for just over 3 months. What are the major things i need to do to get it on the road. Tires too were barely used..
    a) Major Service
    b) tires
    c) Computer re programming?

    Do let me know when you have a minute…

  36. Author

    Tyres and computers shouldn’t be an issue, unless the dead battery corrupted things. Change out all the fluids, although service should cover that. Post the question in the MyRide forums for more suggestions from others.


  38. Just my opinion and my opinion only, you should curb the use of adult only language on the forum. Words such as like “ass”, “shit”, feature prominently in the article.

    Young people might also be browsing these pages just to know about cars and help their parents decide which car to buy. Also, isn’t it illegal to use such words? Arent there any moderators?

  39. Then stop watching movies.

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