Brawn's Button wins again at Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

Brawn’s Button wins again at Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

Brawn GP’s Jenson Button made it two wins in a row after he won the rain-shortened 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix. A rain storm caused the race to be red-flagged, and then there was not enough daylight left to allow it to continue. Button found out he was the winner while sitting in the car on the grid for a restart that never came. But the top eight finishers only received half points.

At the beginning, Nico Rosberg shot into the lead ahead of Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso. Button was soon up to third, and kept the pressure on the two leaders for the rest of the first stint. He jumped into the lead after the first pit-stops.

When the first drops of rain came on lap 22, most drivers stopped for extreme-wet tyres. When the heavy rains didn’t happen, everyone switched back to intermediate-wet tyres, only for the storm to finally come and force everyone back to extreme-wet ones.

Button largely maintained his lead until conditions became so bad that a red flag was waved and the race suspended. The cars sat on the grid for an hour before the race was declared finished at 31 laps due to nightfall.

Nick Heidfeld worked his way up to second after making just a single stop in his BMW Sauber, while Glock took third. Trulli finished fourth in the other Toyota, while Rubens Barrichello, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton and Rosberg completed the top eight.

Ferrari had another terrible day with Felipe Massa finishing only ninth and Kimi Raikkonen retiring after his fancy-pants kinetic-energy recovery system crapped out. Robert Kubica retired with an early engine problem, while Heikki Kovalainen spun off on the first lap and Sebastien Vettel slid off the track in the rain after another strong race.


1. J Button, Brawn-Mercedes
2. N Heidfeld, BMW Sauber
3. T Glock, Toyota
4. J Trulli, Toyota
5. R Barrichello, Brawn-Mercedes
6. M Webber, RBR-Renault
7. L Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes
8. N Rosberg, Williams-Toyota
9. F Massa, Ferrari
10. S Bourdais, STR-Ferrari
11. F Alonso, Renault
12. K Nakajima, Williams-Toyota
13. N Piquet, Renault
14. K Raikkonnen, Ferrari
15. S Vettel, RBR-Renault
16. S Buemi, STR-Ferrari
17. A Sutil, Force India-Mercedes
18. G Fisichella, Force India-Mercedes
Ret. R Kubica, BMW Sauber
Ret. H Kovalainen, McLaren-Mercedes


Button 15
Barrichello 10
Trulli 8.5
Glock 8
Heidfeld 4
Alonso 4
Rosberg 3.5
Buemi 2
Webber 1.5
Bourdais 1
Hamilton 1
Massa 0
Raikkonen 0
Kubica 0
Kovalainen 0
Vettel 0
Piquet 0
Nakajima 0
Sutil 0
Fisichella 0


Brawn GP 25
Toyota 16.5
BMW Sauber 4
Renault 4
Williams 3.5
Scuderia Toro Rosso 3
Red Bull Racing 1.5
McLaren-Mercedes 1
Ferrari 0
Force India 0

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  1. before that race started . Lewis Hamilton have admited that he let Trulli upfront rather than he overtook him during the saftey lap. He said it was an order from McLearn teams. I have upmost respect for Lewis after he admited his mistake but I think it going to cost him alot. He said he didnt want people to say he is a lair because he never lied.

    As for Brawn team there first couple of races usally it the easy ones there last mid-last have couple of hard track. Weird that McLaren and Ferrari have not scored a single point. Could be the new rules that is put this year have a big effect on these teams.

    Ferrari have an advantage at Baharin, Monaco and Abu Dhabi.

  2. and exactly how does ferrari have an advantage in bahrain and Monaco , and they even havent seen the Abu Dhabi track yet

  3. actually race was not restarted coz not much time was left..the race has to be completed in exactly 2 hours from the the 2 hour mark if the race isn’t over, the order frm the penultimate lap is taken as final result

  4. tamzed there are driving simulators and as Ferrari is close to the sponsoers in Abu Dhabi they could have a better view and track analysis.

    Monaco is based on statics and history.

    Baharin is due to the fact they trained there quiet alot.

    F1 is not a one man race. There is alot of people invovle. From the engineer tothe driver to the team manager who says to you when to overtake or who is back of you…etc

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