Porsche Cayenne with Romanian MAFF tuning

Porsche Cayenne with Romanian MAFF tuning

MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne
The Porsche Cayenne is painfully common on the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so no one even gives one of these monstrosities a second look any more. It looks like this “problem” exists in Europe too, according to Romania-based MAFF Tuning, so they’ve built a kit to make it look a bit more, shall we say, unique. The MAFF Muron throws itself into a ring dominated by German tuners.

The Muron Cayenne’s body kit is built of fibreglass components, in which elements of carbon-fibre can be added. The package comprises of front and rear spoilers, front grille with integrated LED daytime running lights, side skirts, roof spoiler, bonnet with scoops, masks for the headlights and tails, carbon fibre inserts for the door handles, mirror casings with integrated LED signal lights, MAFF alloy wheels and exhaust tips.

The interior can be had in any choice of colour and combination of materials. There is also a multimedia kit, which includes the navigation system and is compatible with any audio or video format.

MAFF claims they can raise the power of any Cayenne engine by up to 100 hp without affecting durability, using reconfigured ECUs, bigger turbo systems and sportier exhausts.

Their top Muron Cayenne version is apparently capable of 700 hp, and comes with a ride height lowered by 8 cm. This is done by tuning the electronic management of the stock air suspension.

For more information on the stock version, visit the Porsche Cayenne buyer guide.

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  1. nice looking car…

  2. ce imagine facuta pe pc arata bine

  3. When 1 car becomes a hit.. Tuner companies start jumping around with wild ideas.. Looks demonic quite a unique car to have in a collection..

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