Audi Oman Wattayah Motors offers 90-minute service

Audi Oman has announced the launch of a new “90 Minutes Service” initiative.

Audi Oman, represented by Wattayah Motors in Muscat, now guarantees to complete a standard vehicle service with oil change in only 90 minutes, provided that an advance booking was made, the customer arrives on time and no additional work, like dent repair or parts exchange, is required.

Each vehicle is submitted to the standard Audi service with 25 comprehensive check points and handed back to the customer cleaned and ready to go. The dealerships will provide waiting facilities and customers will be encouraged to use the time to take a test drive or bring in some work to spend the time effectively.

“The 90 minutes service guarantee allows customers to plan their time effectively. It eliminates the need to drop off and pick up the car – it’s completely worry free. Without compromising on quality we guarantee 90 minutes, but of course we will try to finish in even less time,” states Gareth Blakeley, Head of After-sales at Audi Oman.

The 90-minutes time is not exactly impressive, considering we’ve had work done quicker at regular service centres at petrol stations.

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