VW Golf GTI and Polo at Wörthersee event

VW Golf GTI and Polo at Wörthersee event

Every year, Wörthersee in Austria hosts the GTI meet, where VW fanboys from all over Europe come together to share their horror stories about VW ownership. VW has setup its own stand at this event. This year, Volkswagen is officially appearing at the 28th Wörthersee Tour with a set of modified hatchbacks.

2009 VW Polo tuner concept

Of course, it makes us wonder how such a large conglomerate at such a large event can act so cheap. The cars they brought along include a VW Golf GTI and a VW Polo, and the only modifications they sport are different paintjobs, body stripes, unique alloy wheels and a re-upholstered interior. Makes us wonder what else they try to save money on.

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  1. hahahaaha!!!

    btw was this the event where they had showed the W12 golf???

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