Video of the week: 1978 crash test pie

This here is a crash test of a 1978 Holden at 100 kph. Crash tests nowadays are done at only 56 kph, so the damage seen here is much higher. Keeping in mind that cars back then had even stronger bodies than today’s collapsible cars, and you have an idea of how many pieces you will be chopped into in a high-speed crash. Something to think about next time you drive recklessly, even if you think it is all up to Allah when you die. It is your choice whether you want to die in one piece or as a meat puzzle.

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  1. I totally disagree that car bodies in the past were better than today!!!!

    it seems most of you think that because the cars today are built with fiber glass bumpers means its a low quality car!!!!

    you should look deeper than that.. the car engineering now a days makes sure, the car is built with “impact” resistance materials, easy to remove and repair and cheaper..

    and this video of car collapsing into pieces at 100KMH shows how poor the quality of engineering back then.

    my two fils

  2. Author

    On the contrary, cars are much more expensive to fix nowadays, since they are fully designed to collapse and absorb the impact of an accident, except for the safety cage around the passenger compartment.

  3. ohh my God in 100 kph speed ufff it scared me alot my god i am driving always above 200kph Thanks mash for posting this video this kinda videos will really help us

  4. Author

    Good to know, sohi.

  5. Wow I would never have thought it would look like that.

  6. The impact is so severe because the car is hitting a solid object. All impact energy is transfered to the moving object.
    Cars of today will be destroyed as well, we all remember Princess Diana accident when it hit a column at 120 KPH; the big Mercedes car was smashed liked this one.

    If you want to hit something at 100 KPH or more, make sure it is not concrete or solid object and still the chances of survival are not so good!

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