Chevrolet Captiva becomes gas-powered Moonlander

Chevrolet Captiva becomes gas-powered Moonlander Moonlander Chevrolet Captiva, a German tuning firm named after its own website, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20, 1969. While their motto for their celebratory project is “drive me to the moon,” their choice of vehicle is rather underwhelming. So it their spaceman mascot.

The vehicle of choice is a Korean-built 2009 Chevrolet Captiva, with the option of the standard 2.4-litre and 3.2-litre engines. However, both engines have been converted to run on petrol or gas, in view of the environment. And with that and a special paint job, the lowly Captiva becomes the MOONLANDER.

The “universe-white/orbiter-black” colour scheme of the ‘Lunar Rover’ is reminiscent of the Apollo 11 rocket as are the “MANNED MISSION LUNAR VEHICLE” decals and the names of the Apollo 11 crew members on the silver-mirrored rear side windows. White 20-inch light-alloy wheels and a ride-height lowering round out the looks.

The interior of all 40 earmarked vehicles in this limited-edition series features a white MOONLANDER placard with the vehicle’s serial number and an iPod. Prices start at the equivalent of Dhs 111,000 and include a replica of a space suit.

For UAE prices and GCC specs of the standard version, visit the Chevrolet Captiva buyer guide.

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  1. Urgh!! A captiva!!! 🙄

  2. i like driver lolz


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