BMW first to introduce mobile internet in BMW 7-Series

BMW is the world’s first automotive manufacturer to offer in-car technology that allows full internet access from the dashboard display of its flagship model, the BMW 7-Series. This ground-breaking feature named BMW Online offers the convenience of internet usage in the UAE and GCC.

Offered through the BMW ConnectedDrive communications service, BMW Online gives passengers the option to surf the internet while travelling. The internet is viewed on the central display in the instrument panel or on the rear passenger DVD display screens and navigated using the iDrive controller. Rear seat passengers can browse websites and access their e-mails at any time. For safety reasons, those in the front can only access these functions when the car is parked.

The new 7 Series is BMW’s flagship model and represents some of the most significant technology developments. Combined, these features not only contribute to a more dynamic driving experience, but also increased safety for the driver and other road users.

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  1. i’ve always imagined cars having internet connection in future. its really nice that BMW, have made this a reality. sad i cant get a 7-series tho…

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