Devon GTX 2010 is latest American supercar

Devon GTX 2010 is latest American supercar

2010 Devon GTX
Conceived by a visionary industrial artist, brought to life by some of the world’s leading automotive engineers and designers, and proven on some of the most demanding race tracks in America, the all-new 2010 Devon GTX stands ready to stake claim as the next great American supercar.

The 2010 Devon GTX was introduced today on the famed judging stand at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The limited edition supercar is the first product from Los Angeles-based industrial design house Devon Motorworks. It will go on sale in the first quarter of 2010.

The Devon GTX is – on one hand – a race-inspired performance car, offering a 650 hp engine and a complimentary transmission and induction/exhaust system that will make it the most powerful naturally aspirated production powertrain system on the market today. On the other hand, the vehicle’s muscular shape represents a new expression of modern industrial design, blending both classic and futuristic cues to warn of the awesome power that exists within its shape.

2010 Devon GTX

The vehicle’s aircraft-quality carbon-fibre body sits atop large lattice-structure center-lock wheels. The interior design reflects the company’s progressive design philosophy and features carbon-fiber-reinforced racing seats, dual-grained leather surfacing throughout the cockpit and tasteful chrome appointments. Refinement, quality and uniqueness are conveyed in the car’s “up and forward” articulating doors, distinctive body two-tone wheel surrounds, minimal front-rear overhangs, and dual center rear exit chrome exhaust ports.

Beneath the skin of the Devon GTX is an 8.4-litre V10 engine, derived from the Dodge Viper, that produces 650 hp at 6100 rpm. The V10 engine is mated with a track-proven six-speed manual transmission.

The rear-drive only GTX is equipped with a frame-mounted speed-sensing limited-slip differential which mechanically manages wheel torque on all surfaces. A continuously-variable damping system will be available on the GTX following the start of production. With six pistons in each front caliper and four in each rear, the brake system is custom-tailored to the uncompromising requirements of the GTX.

In order to achieve optimal aerodynamics and ride-handling characteristics in all driving scenarios, the Devon is equipped with an articulating splitter and hydraulically-driven ride height adjustment.

2010 Devon GTX

The new Devon GTX is equipped with a host of technologies that include sensory touch switch applications on the doors, windows, engine start and electronic park brake; specifically-tuned McIntosh audio system; HID headlamps and LED tail lamps; and a high-definition LCD cluster display that digitally presents primary vehicle information in an analogue format.

While the Devon GTX has yet to hit an American road, it has made its mark on two of America’s most demanding road courses. In validation testing earlier this year, the vehicle set production car lap records at both Willow Springs Raceway and Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca.

Devon Motorworks will produce 36 cars per year at its manufacturing facility in southern California. On sale beginning in the first quarter of 2010, the cars will be sold for $500,000. An optional Racing Package will be available for $25,000. The vehicles will be sold and serviced directly through Devon Motorworks.

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  1. 2,000,000dhs !!! 😯

  2. I don’t why the car reminds of Dodge Vipers…and its not the engine…looks like an European design house interpretaton of the viper…

  3. from front look like a bugatti

  4. looks like a dodge viper

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