LeMans team builds Acura racecar in 2 days

About 42 hours after Highcroft Acura driver Scott Sharp walked away from a crash during practice for the Petit Le Mans racing event in the United States, a freshly-built Acura ARX-02a was rolled out for the morning warmup on Saturday. The Highcroft crew put in marathon sessions of work, totalling 20 hours, to build a brand new racecar, as LeMans teams do not generally have a backup car. A spare carbon-fibre tub was picked up from the Honda Performance Development shop in California and shipped, while the crew at the Atlanta racetrack salvaged 10% of the old parts for use in the new car. The car was ready to race in less than two days, and finished 6th in the rain-shortened race.

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  1. Haha wow. Why don’t they have a backup car?

  2. Nice post… Quite a challenge actually..

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