Video of the week: Bugatti turns into submarine

It is pretty much understood that most people buying a supercar likely has no comprehension of how to drive one. A guy named Any House from Texas just proved it on video, claiming he was hit by an invisible pelican, forcing him to plow his car into a salt-water lake. However, the story only gets murkier from there, as the man happens to own a car restoration business that fixes and sells accident-damaged supercars. Also, listen to the conversation on the video, which sounds a bit too staged. If it is an insurance scam, these have to be the dumbest people to carry it out. The aftermath video of the car being pulled out has already hit the airwaves.

What do you think?



  1. doesn’t seems like an accident to me….looks more like a deliberate attempt to have a carwash…..while the naive guyz shooting the footage, cant compare between a lambo and a veyron…lolz

  2. nice way to drive a car in water… lolzzz

  3. im sure it will buff right off 😀

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