1st DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

1st DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

DriveArabia Meet 11
The 1st DriveArabia Meet was held last weekend, on Friday the 13th no less. Two of us organised it, and ironically enough, 13 people showed up for an event that was conceived just a couple of days prior this November. The turn-out was relatively great, considering it was competing for time with the Diabetes Walk, the Motorsports Festival and some Pakistan cricket match, all on the same day in Dubai. Also, we kept the meet intentionally low-key, so a smaller number of people could interact without getting lost in the crowd. These peeps are now in our inner circle.

It may be interesting to note that I had the oldest cars at the meet. Everyone else had something newer, most of the cars being only a year old, and with an unusually high percentage of hatchbacks.

Artsy photos by Faisal Khatib.

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  1. Thanks For the Up Load Bro ..

  2. which ones u mash?

  3. I think in the white Thobe !!

  4. hehehe, somebody got his foot on the red Bmw in last pic !! wonder whose car is that.

  5. Author

    that’s the question, ain’t it…

  6. i really regret that i missed it…
    i was smiling as if am with you guys..
    very good job feisal..mash, you still look very young hehehe
    i will try my best to come next time…am sure will have even greater numbers..
    but why sohi didnt bring his GTR???…
    i will kill hime 😉 lool

  7. Unfortunetly my family came from qatar this wed which I was not expecting them.after prayer I had given my gtr to my bro to take it for wash as he came from qatar and was waiting desperatly for the gt r so he disappeared and later not answering my phone. Than me and my younger bro took our infiniti and flew to dubai. Mash bro I think one more meeting will do so this time hope many will show and also my gt r willl show. Aaa mohammad guess which one is me?

  8. Seems like a good turn out… Keep it up!

  9. superb pics faisal keep it up! really enjoyed this event with all the fun guys, humour and info

  10. sohi..i think you was the one with black shirt..in picture 18 standing next to mash lol
    not sure..hehehe
    if i was right..then we have to swap your GTR with the Altima.. 😉

  11. ^^^ and u hav to swap the GT-R with the Mazda 6… 😀

  12. No no wrong I had told I am mixed half arab half ajam hehe me the big guy wearing kandoora and a cap and the second with kandoora and ghutra is my bro. Ohh yeah faisal great job dear hope you will come to my wedding to take pics and mash thank you so much it was a good event planned by you and yeah mash u advertising for pepsi because pepsi cans are clearly seen in the bictures haha. So all in I am thankful to drive arabia mash and murf first and then the othe friends who came and yeah long live drivearabia.

  13. who is who please tag ur photos and car

  14. thnx guys … really had fun and mash wats the other plan man … let go to safari or something …

  15. i wish i had joined u guyz, but i still dont have a ride yet, and it wont look quite well to join a motor head gang without a ride….hopefully il b there next time…..any plans to meet up at dubai motor show in december?

  16. and BTW m lookin for a used FORD FOCUS ’06-’07 if anybody who is intouch with sombody selling the same, then do letme know on this forum, and il provide my contact numb then…..i need a clean and genuine car, small dents are understandable but not fully repainted, as i have seen so many which were heavily damaged and refurbished…so guyz help me find one.

  17. theyre all old or crud cars anyway
    even if the Toyota LC was a 4.5 Turbo/

  18. hey Afaq, join our forums http://www.drivearabia.com/myride

    and Ahemd Al Jon..everyone isn’t rich 😛

  19. Hey guys but how i can join your group??

  20. Author

    Join the forums. Link is in the post above your post.

  21. al jon were you expecting bugattis even bugatti owners doesnt have time to sit on net and fill comment all we are same as you do the same thing i think u not above a japenese middle car .

  22. A tiny bit late..

    but anyhoos, congrats on the first official meeting!..

    hopefully i’m in the country next time round..

    to show off my nsx with a 50 inch hole in the side..


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