Video of the week: Truck transporting car

There is more than one way to transport a Renault Clio using a truck. This isn’t one of them. Although some suspect that this could just be an elaborate hoax to promote the ARCLID transport company. In a negative way.

What do you think?



  1. was there a driver in that truck or what??!!
    or was it a toyota truck? =P

  2. hahaha^^^^

  3. how come the clio tyres are not smoking? one would think if something at this speed the tyres would have been smoking and burst eventually with the friction

  4. It says video is removed..

  5. @Shafiq
    I agree with u but it’s either one of the two:
    1- the rain has helped the tires not to burn(slide)
    2- photoshop or after effect program is used in this video

  6. + more details

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