2nd DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

2nd DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

The 2nd DriveArabia Meet took place on Friday the 9th of April, 2010. Again, two of us organised it, and this time 17 people showed up, most of them new people who did not come the first time round, and even an off-duty journalist from an upscale magazine. Again, our little street party was competing with events such as some classic car auction at Times Square Mall and some BMW safety campaign at Creek Park.

Many cool new rides were also brought along, although the highlight of the day remained the Honda Civic Type-R tester we happened to have, and some were given rides in the new car, as well as a few other cars. A low-key event seems to be the best way to go, as all had a good time, and everyone met everyone else. Our next meet will probably be next winter, and likely follow the same format of being announced a couple of days before the event, to keep the crowd small and exclusive to website regulars.

What do you think?



  1. Nice meeting up you guys. See you at next meet. πŸ™‚

  2. Keep it up !!

  3. I want to know who is who in the pics… and who brought the classy Audi ??

  4. was good fun catching up mash- looking forward to the next meet!
    tc bro

  5. Author

    Half the peeps weren’t forum members, including the Audi. Those who want to be identified can mention who they are here πŸ™‚

  6. Nice one!! Gud to c car enthusiasts meeting up like this.. Nxt time may b u can gather everyone at a desert campaign.. specially 4x4s..

  7. good meet, fancy tester car, neat fun.


  8. Wow nice where is the free beverages and food?

    Anyway I am on the rig

  9. One waiter had promised to bring some women !!

  10. i had two bebsi – courtesy, Mash πŸ˜€

  11. Very nice meeting all of you guys..lets organize a trip somewhere next time..

  12. hey guys whose is that MX5? this time i couldnt make it though i really wanted to…hope to visit next time….

  13. i like the mobile edition site option just saw it just now, cool, me is in the white shirtz

  14. I really wanted to come, but told myself that I’m bad in English language, and I will be quiet and just stare on you in the meeting being like a fool guy, as you know I’m an Indonesian.
    eazy_mas, why did you lift us in Myride forum? We missed you over there.

  15. A good day with everyone joining in the fun..it was a pleasure to meet all πŸ™‚

  16. like spyke said, let the next meet be sumthin like a drive to jebel hafeet or khorfakkan and free bebsi with free snacks and free lunch – courtesy, Mash πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. n yea…for those who dont know, i’m the fat guy standing next to shafiq (white shirt) in the last pic πŸ™‚

  18. @assassin, I have lacked ideas and interst and I already bought a car which cooled me off on thinking about cars

  19. ^ What car you bought that cooled you off?

  20. Very nice to meet all you guys! I’m the “off duty journalist”, owner of the MX-5 and the guy in the shorts.

  21. I am the guy who likes to share πŸ˜€

  22. Now i am a bit Jeleous, as u all guys are meeting nicely and i our of UAE, cant join u,

    i am really missing u all bro
    wow wat a wonderfull gathering,

    all carr lovers meeting a a point,,

    good luck

  23. Wow. A bunch of sub 300 hp cars and ricers.

  24. ^^ wow..how old are you!!

  25. 30. I was looking around this site for some info on cars in the UAE, and when I saw the word MEET my heart skipped a beat, Could it be? A REAL car meet? Like I used to go to in the US?

    Nope, just a bunch of wannabes in their daily driven normal cars. This wasnt a meet, it was a coffee outing.

  26. ^ Normal cars? You mean you actually wanted ricers? Get your stories straight.

  27. Uewf, dont be a hater dude. This aint the U.S. U get the wolly chopped off here for having sex on the beach. So, let the guys have fun in whateva they r doing. You got brighter ideas to pack a punch, organise the next meet for them, will ya?

  28. Dr. Ankesh
    May 11th, 2010 at 10:30 pm
    ^ Normal cars? You mean you actually wanted ricers? Get your stories straight.

    Not ricers. REAL cars. something that at least has some inkling of modification to it. All I see here are stock cars with guys who THINK they are car guys, or guys with loweered hondas with 2000 dirhams into their cars and actually believe that they can take a 911 (AND TRY TO!)

    Sting, Not hating, Just saying. I have tried. And with each attempt I get the same bunch of stock or semi stock cars showing up. What do you talk about in hat situation? Um… Nice… Paint?

    P.S. I am gay

  29. if you weren’t fresh off the boat, you would realise that at least half of the cars at this meet are rare in this country. no one cares what you saw in USA. it only matters what people see here. if you want to ogle at supercars, go stare at cars in madinat jumeirah and inflate some rich people’s egos.

  30. Author

    A meet is a meet. There was no criteria for cars. I organised it for people who wanted to MEET me as well as each other. Simple as that. That is what MEET means in the UAE. An “elevator” is also known as a “lift” in the UAE. And “color” is spelt “colour” here, you racist loser.

    P.S. Our hater friend here sent a racist email to me insulting Indians and Kias, which showed his true colours. The chicken did not even reveal his real details.

  31. if you weren’t fresh off the boat?

    I was born and raised here. Assumptions arent good.

    you would realise that at least half of the cars at this meet are rare in this country

    No, all of them are readily available. ALL OF THEM. They are STOCk cars available at any dealer. NONE ore “Rare.”

    I’m the loser? You drive a Kia. You’re Indian which means you make me parata sandwiches or clean my bathroom and are probably related to my driver. AND you come from a country that is such a piece of shit that you have to come over to mine and beg for table scraps.

    The “Chicken” can have you arrested, beaten, and deported for NO reason, watch it parata man. I CHALLENGE you to come to Abu Dhabi and we will see who is deported and who ends up being allowed to PUNCH and KICK you BY the cops. Sad truth, you are LOWER than an ANIMAL in my country BY LAW.


  32. Author

    ^I’ll leave that up for everyone’s benefit.

  33. Oh wow guys, this just got a whole lot better.


    Mash’s images being used w/o permission for defamation.

    I’m pretty speechless at the hate on display. This is not the tolerant UAE that I’ve known for more than 30 years.

  34. Author

    ^Yeah, I just ended this internet argument. I am deleting all further comments from this anonymous guy and won’t give him a base to promote his little-known blog, but it does give a look into certain points of view here.

  35. US…. US [email protected]@ks the middle east every now and then still they like it so much… India, Pakistan, Phillipines , Bangladeshi are who made this country what it is today.

    Still they employee Americans and Europeans as top directors of company, and the same guy loots uae and goes.

    As soon as the see a white they bow like camel.

  36. LOLz… I read what uewf had to say… hillarious. This coming from a EMARATI…. lolzz.. Ur not fit for this world you moron.

  37. Thanks uewf, you are right, all Asians, Brits, Europeans should leave, UAE and go, you are right, this country is yours, we all should leave. Since now its already developed and you need us no more..thanks again for reminding us what we are. Noted.

  38. Sorry Off Topic Again:

    Anyone know whats going on with this prick from(Al-Emarati.com)? Gives Muslims and Emaratis a bad name.

    Douche Bag doesnt have the balls to put up his real name..
    uewf and ultrablue .. Faggot names!

  39. Author

    ^He will get what’s coming to him

  40. Author

    The al-emarati site has been taken down by Google. Interestingly, his racist rants started due to this comments page, and ended with everyone in the UAE complaining about his later racist posts to Google. I didn’t even do anything.

  41. I suppose the furore on twitter was a bad thing for him…lots of people there were very pissed and some people knew where to complain…

  42. I’d been paying a close watch, a few moments before his website was torn down, he posted out an apology note. Who needs an apology? There are families who are hurt and suffering out there. The only thing we can offer them, if possible is comfort at this moment.

    Douche Bag displayed how pathetic he was by trying to explain to all that he was ‘apparently’ only trying to cash in with his shocking publicity stint on such a sensitive issue.

  43. That guys a f***g prick,,thats all i can say..Useless human being.

  44. Fuddi… Nobody got shit on expats unless they are breaking this country’s laws… I dont belong here and never will im just a visitor and i play a role in keeping this country’s economy running and i dont need anything more than my salary in the end of the day… The problem is there will always be fags like that jackass that rides boys or goats like camels and vice versa wherever you go in this world… They exercise their manhood on an ignorant indian labor that doesnt know how to speak any language but indian and when a white boy with an fancy passport shows up uwef or whatever the f* his name is will be blowing him…

  45. Oh that flucking racist bashturt !! hahhahaa, I came to this page after so long, and so much happened !! The MOFO deserves a wolly chopping ! “Saaley ka kaat dalo”

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