Toyota Prado VX & VX-L 2010 sales suspended

Toyota Prado VX & VX-L 2010 sales suspended

After being blamed for not reacting quickly enough to safety concerns over sticky pedals, it seems now Toyota is going overboard with regards to new concerns over the Lexus GX 460’s stability control, temporarily suspending sales worldwide, even in the UAE. Now the 2010 Toyota Prado VX and VX-L sister-model sales have also been suspended.

According to Toyota’s local dealer, an investigation by Toyota has figured out the stability control issue and realised it also affects two versions of 2010 Toyota Prado, namely the VX and VX-L, fitted with both VSC and KDSS suspension. Other versions of 2010 Prado are, oddly enough, not affected.

As with the Lexus GX 460, Toyota will be contacting all Prado VX and VX-L customers to explain the situation and keep them updated as more information becomes available. They will also provide a courtesy car to any Prado VX and VX-L customer who is concerned about driving their vehicle. If any of our customers have further questions they can contact their Customer Care Team on 04 206 6002.

There is expected to be a recall soon, which will likely just involve a software reprogramming. We still don’t see the problem considering most of the previous Prado models did not even come with ESP, but hey, after the earlier recall fiasco, Toyota has to bend over backwards to repair its reputation now.

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  1. Not only Prado. Two years ago I noticed same problem on Toyota Aurion and even posted here about this fact. Few months ago we got into accident because of this accelerator pedal and by miracle stayed alive. Me and my friend were moving 100 km/h on Daid road in the middle lane.

    Black sedan on very high speed overtaking someone from the right approached to me from the left back side. I saw that and very quickly pulled steering wheel to the right and stepped on the gas pedal trying to avoid that jerk.

    Yes! I avoided it moving to most right lane but pedal didn’t come back and I hit the border. Car pulled out of the road and after 30 meters landed back to the asphalt. Police found us guilty as no other accident member was not caught and no clue of his car number. It happen too fast. After weeks of debating Toyota gave me huge report that everything is ok and minor gas pedal sticking doesn’t affect engine. Yes it sticks not every time but one time out of 100. And it could be enough to die. But… no 100% prove nothing could be done. So my advice guys: stay away from Toyota even if their models are not officially announced for recall.

  2. Fantastic .. and just when the streets were slowly getting flooded with this new model.

    So, can the solution for this problem only be a matter of re-programming? Fly in a Toyota Jap Engineer and have it sorted out.

    Imagine a future where vehicles were connected to the web and all Toyota needed to do was send a software update online to their vehicles. ;P
    Call it fantasy .. nahh .. One Day!

  3. As i see COST CUTTING is most of the world globally, Toyota has also adapted the cost cutting policy,

    the result is the Toyota is cutting the lives of the innocent people

    U drive any , any of the 2009 model Corolla, and tell me how do u feel on the steering,

    i have had seen a number of corollas with the steering bad feel problem, when u take a sudden turn or a quick U turn, u feel that the steering rod wl break and the car wl go outof control,

    took a number of cars to toyota garages. thy checked it and said it is okay sir, no problem,,
    i my self i am going to inspect the corolla in ths week posibbly, then wl tell u all wats the problem is..

    Note: i Drove and had Toyotas,for about 10 years,
    but now am a Proud owner of Nissan.

  4. ^ … Proud owner of Nissan ________ ?

  5. Wow, what a big fu.. up by Toyota!

    It just keep getting worst.

    Toyota cars used to be too good in the past, what happened!

    I own an old Prado 2006 which I drive to work everyday, but never tested it off road. I always thought this is a very good but rather dull car. Now I would say only dull car!

  6. the problem here is that the dealer is not even wanting to admit it, Toyota is now giving huge crazy offers in the US and already paied 17 million $ to the US government but here, they are still sticking to their pride because of the stupid customers here, I believe if I bring a donkey and put Toyota badge on its head I will sell it for 30k here, yesterday I went to T showroom to check the rav4 for a friend, the no. 3 spec, again, no. 3 spec is 104k and it is still offered with its retarded 4 speed trans, is there any car now with 4 speed trans?

  7. ^ stupid customers?? and u went to check a rav4 .. oh excuse mua… for a friend.. right- right! 😉

    But ill stand with you on one thing, the local dealers are a rip off.

    Its good all these problems are brought out now… once all these initial bugs have been cleared, Toyota will once again be a complete reliable brand (hopefully) 🙂

  8. toyota needs atleast 5yrs to get out of this mess…becuz their image is really tarnished in almost all parts of world…here in uae ppl doesnt care abt problems of toyota…still they would buy corolla camry n prado…becuz customers here r sooo stupid…

  9. That should teach people not to buy any toyota

  10. Toyota has replied very quickly.Hope this will solve the problem.

    Check out Recall Remedy Demo!!

  11. The Toyota time is over go for Hiunday or Kia they are better

  12. 😛 knew always that toyota’s were sticky and fishy… Honda rules 😀

  13. hey guys i saw both new optima and sportage in abu dhabi….kia n hyundai is introducing new models every month…i think they are the most happenin brands now…

  14. Wanted to buy a Paredo, but now dropped the idea. Any comments for Suzuki Grand Vitara??? Getting a great deal.

  15. I can’t believe how people started whining at this thing and fell for it.
    People have been (and still) driving cars with no VSA or traction control whatsoever for years. How about go and recall all of them now??
    If you’re careless enough to drive an SUV with a high center of gravity like a sports car then it’s your call to get into trouble and you can’t blame Toyota for that.
    I own a 2010 VX-L and after hearing this news I tried it in an open area to see how bad it is. I even drove it at 100km/h and took a sharper turn than that video and VSC kicked in as smooth as could be and it didn’t even drift a bit.
    The Lexus GX460 is affected because it has both KDSS and the smaller gas tank. The VX-L comes with the bigger tank so I doubt it’s even affected.

  16. Hey Mash,
    Have you noticed the VX and VX-L models slightly leaning towards one side? It seems as if all the 2010 Prados and the new Lexus GX460 fitted with the new kdss suspension have this awkward lean stance.
    The TX model seems fine with its standard suspension. I’d definetly would like to know whats alfuttaim’s say on this coz this issue hasnt been brought out in the open by anyone till date.
    Could you investigate? 🙂
    Im planning to pick up a prado and if nothing can be done on the lean issue on the vx , ill pick up the tx model instead.

  17. Author

    ^A Car ME review mentioned this. They said dealer took the car back for a week or two to fix it, saying it is “tolerance” issue. Still didn’t fix fully. I read elsewhere it depends on temperature.

  18. ^ Thanks for the info dude. Appreciate your swift response. Im going to pick up the TX coz that lean is quite noticable. Its a shame Toyota is letting this pass.

  19. Author

    ^Well, you can hope the Lexus version has the same issue. And since the Lexus one is on sale in USA, there will be complaints, and the U.S. NHTSA will notice, and issue a recall, and CNN will make a big deal, then Gulf News will copy-paste the story, and the dealer here will fix your Prado then.

  20. yeh but thats some crazy lean man!!

  21. Now I know why Prado’s are in short supply! Something going on behind the scenes here…and Al Futtaim claims it is because of the local demand.

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