Video of the week: Nissan GT-R vs Lexus LFA race

Popular American magazine Motor Trend did what everyone else was thinking, pitting their Nissan GT-R long-term tester with the all-new Lexus LFA in a drag race. The winner isn’t really clear-cut.

What do you think?



  1. 400000usd vs. 80000usd off course godzilla is the clear cut winner here at five time the price the toyota isnt five times as fast god knows what they were thinking making this car for 5years

  2. So the LF-A wins…Barely!? :p

  3. Yup what Shafiq said..

  4. Keeping all in mind a win is a win… BY inch or by a Mile

  5. Did anybody see a LFA on Dubai or AD roads??

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