A. Kahn design rear seat entertainment package for all cars

A Kahn design is pleased to announce the launch of their new rear seat entertainment package for all automobiles. The company has decided to get involved in the in-car entertainment industry and this is the first of the new products to be launched by A Kahn design-the premier brand in bespoke automotive products.

The new entertainment system takes vehicle build according to an individual’s requirements to the next level. With more focus on the passengers and their comfort, the entertainment system allows the driver to concentrate on the driving experience whilst allowing the passengers to sit back and relax and being able to watch the latest blockbuster through their very own wireless headphones. The package has been developed by our A Kahn design team and has undergone many hours of testing not only to ensure safety but also to guarantee that perfection is achieved in every car.

The A Kahn design package includes 2 x TFT screens, DVD player, two pairs of Infrared headphones, remote controls, connection cables and all equipment necessary to create a truly wonderful experience for the backseat passengers.

The new in-car entertainment package truly captures A Kahn’s ideology of creating individuality which can be enhanced by the inclusion of the signature backrests and sculpted interior. As the UK’s leading automotive design house, A Kahn Design recognizes the importance of dynamic cutting edge designs whilst staying true to the original form.

The A Kahn design rear seat entertainment package is now available from £1149.99 excluding installation

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  1. can you please prvide me with the contact details. is it available in dubai???

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