Volkswagen Passat 2011 set to dominate rivals

Volkswagen Passat 2011 set to dominate rivals

The new 2011 Volkswagen Passat has been revealed at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, in both sedan and wagon variants, with a choice of four petrol engines alongside a couple of Euro-centric diesel motors.

The all-new corporate styling has been applied to the front and rear fascias, preparing the Passat for competition from midsize rivals such as the 1997 Toyota Camry and the 1998 Honda Accord. Dimensions remain the same as the previous model, which means this “7th generation” model is really just a facelift.

Turbocharged “TSI” 4-cylinder engine choices include the powerful 120 hp 1.4-litre, the average 158 hp 1.8-litre and the dull 207 hp 2.0-litre, as well as a naturally-aspirated 296 hp 3.6-litre V6 that used to be in the outgoing “sporty” Passat R36 which will be cancelled due to slow sales. A choice of manual and DSG twin-clutch automanual gearboxes are available, as is the “XDS” electronic diff.

First European deliveries start in January 2011, which means a GCC launch will occur around next summer. Incidentally, this European Passat will not be sold in the United States because it has been deemed too small and too expensive to compete with modern midsize rivals, as it has been for the past couple of decades. America will be getting a slightly larger VW sedan next year. Word is this U.S. version will come to the UAE.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Volkswagen Passat buyer guide.

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  1. Mashfique : the Powerful 120hp and dull 207hp thing needs to be corrected:)

  2. Author

    ^enjoy 🙂

  3. that mention of 97 camry & 98 accord was a tease or a mistake ?

  4. Author

    ^You’ll know what I mean when you google photos of those cars 🙂

  5. What do u mean ?
    this car is boring ..

  6. Nice interior but im not buying that boxy front face..

  7. VW’s new slogan : moving backwards

  8. it seems ur article is top news result in google news search on key word “2011 Volkswagen Passat” ! 🙂

    NICE SEO work :).. this is going to screw VW marketing , if they are really awake they will buy this keyword to get u down 😛

  9. Author

    ^Yep, I knew of ‘SEO’ before the term ‘SEO’ was invented. I do okay.

  10. Dear Mash, would you please tell me what are the best cars for you on the below segment?

    > small sedan
    > mid size sedan
    > full size sedan

  11. Author

    ^Civic, though overpriced.
    ^I dunno, but we bought a value-packed Renault Safrane.
    ^Caprice? Never drove the Taurus.

  12. Perhaps not the right place to ask, but mashfique, please recommend an SUV thats within 120k, has alot of interior space ( to carry loads of stuff! ), good acceleration and mileage?

    Kia Mohave looks good.. wish there was a 2010 Trailblazer model too.

    What are your recommendations?

  13. Author

    ^Mohave, Pajero and possibly Pathfinder. Come join the forums to discuss more.

  14. thanks Mash 🙂

  15. liked the comparison to Camry’97 and Accord’98
    and that powerful 120hp engine…hehehe
    good one mash

  16. rear looks so so outdated..VW have lost it…i guess the Tea Boy in VW office designs VW cars now a days

  17. best choice of words there.
    sarcasm does work sometimes

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