2011 Detroit Auto Show: Photo coverage

2011 Detroit Auto Show: Photo coverage

The first auto show of the year is also one of the largest in the world. Of course, thanks to the economic downturn, the showing this year is a bit less than in previous years. However, there are a fair number of anticipated models, such as the extended Toyota Prius V, the near-production Honda Civic concept, the production Chevrolet Sonic, the revamped Chrysler 300C, the facelifted Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the topless BMW 6-Series and the achingly-beautiful Volkswagen Passat.

What do you think?



  1. Yes, Just Look at Kia and Hyundai designs…. They are improving very fast…

  2. No offence Mash.. I really do follow DriveArabia.. But these pics in no way look like they have been taken at the Auto Show.. U have just made a collection..

  3. Author

    of course

  4. ^ Then why do u call it Detroit Auto Show : Photo Coverage?
    What is this a joke??

  5. Well, I’ve seen most of these images on TopGear.com, so maybe Mash isn’t making these up.

  6. Author

    These official manufacturer photos cover all the cars launched at the show.

  7. Im somehow hating the fact that there is a new trend of sweeping the headlamps all the way over the fenders towards the windsheild.. Just like the hyundai veloster and that toyota prius C..

    Otherwise rugged SUV designs are still holding up which is good.. Jeep has a really nice line up..

  8. I like the Wrangler Call of duty edition 🙂 Sexayy !!

  9. Those chrysler saloons look boring and outdated.. and im not buying the idea of that chevy sonic at all!!

    Otherwise, once again, thumbs up for jeep..

  10. I like the way the Chrysler 200 Convertible looks. Its design is so simple, and does not have those crazy lines the Japanese and the Koreans are using. It looks like the old 1997 Mercedes S500, just smaller.

    The best photos from the above are those of the BMW M1, and the BMW 6 Series. Damn the 6 is awesome.

    • Theres always a market for conservative looking cars.. but i have to say, based on what saw, its either they go too crazy with the designs or keep them too plain, hyundai and toyotas there are just damn absurd.. & maintaining a perfect balance is key to a perfect design..

      Audi saloons are a fine example of a mix of both.. They look conservative yet maintain a good character in their designs.. So is BMWs like the 3 series and the new 5 series.. or VWs as well..

  11. ^ I agree, Audi makes the best exterior and interior designs, but to me BMW is the choice, as the performance makes a difference. I’m just being too picky tho.

    Both are great, but what I like about the Chrysler 200 Convertible is the simplicity, and the similarity to the 1997 S500. I know it might not be very beautuful, even not as beautiful as the S500 !!!, but much more beautiful than the competitor Volvo C70 for instance.

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