5-year warranty mandatory soon in UAE, maybe

5-year warranty mandatory soon in UAE, maybe

In what will become a blessing for consumers, a new rule is going to come into effect in October that all cars in the UAE will have a mandatory 5-year warranty.

If we understood it correctly, Gulf News reports that along with the long warranty, all cars bought in the UAE from dealers will soon come with a five-year service contract as well. The article also seems to imply that used cars bought from dealers will also come with a similar service contract.

The Ministry of Economy will apparently fine or shut down dealerships who do not provide the five-year service warranty. The rule will come into force on October 1, and stipulates that faulty parts must be replaced if they fail on three occasions. The new rule was created as a consumer protection measure.

Update: There is a chance that the original newspaper report is supposed to mean something else entirely due to the poor choice of words by the reporter. As suggested by Bill in the comments, this “rule” possibly means something as mundane as there being a guarantee that spare parts will be available for the next five years by dealers, and that dealers are obliged to fix old cars when an owner brings it in. We’re not sure how this helps anybody.

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  1. wow, at last good news for consumers 😀

    Coz all what we hear is:

    1- raise in petrol prices
    2- raise in car prices tag
    3- Mawaqef
    4- Aaber!! (like salik in abu dhabi soon)
    in the futre:
    5- Pay per KM you walked while walking!!
    6- Pay for the oxygen you breath!! lol
    7- what else could come??

  2. Great news…for ford/bmw/hyundai its not a big deal as they are providing almost similar offer from years but what about the boxes from japan?? so i think soon we will see a toyota/honda box for 100k 😀 good luck boxlovers….

  3. This is infact bad news, No one mentioned the fact that both the New Car Dealers & the used ones will now increase their prices as an excuse to cover up for this mandatory rule. Has the Ministry thought about that? This is in addition to the mandatory 20% cash downpayment when purchasing a car through bank loan according to the UAE central Bank directive. Again the consumer is affected. So how is it a good news?

    • I for one would be happy to pay a little extra for a new or used car if I knew it was backed by a free 5 years Service & Warranty package.

  4. As long as it is a “little extra” and not a 10% jump. In effect, car dealers can increase their price 10% and have a 25% increase in profit as long as nothing major goes wrong between year 3 and year 5

  5. Its a blessing if theycheck the price increase, and a curse otherwise coz im sure the greedy dealers here will increase prices by 10-20% with this lame excuse, showing they have no confidence in the quality of their products and they expect them to go wrong.

  6. @Asad,

    it will not a “little extra”, I belive that the car that used to be sold at 70k will be sold now at 80 at least, and for cars over 140k, will come at 160k and so on, besides that, did anybody think about the owners of private garages, they will go broke in this case? who will go to fix his car there?

    I dont have a garage

    • Very true about the private garage stuff. But still I believe if the private garage provides good works still there will be people with their good old cars coming to something fixed. I actually don’t trust any private garages even my dad’s friend. If not the dealer either CARS or BOSCH.

  7. I think you will find that Gulf News has got the details wrong. I understand the rules to be that spare parts must be available for a five year period following purchase of the car. It is NOT a full five year warranty as such. Even if it was there are very few cars built that could not last the five year period. The built quality of modern cars as improved greatly.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      If you’re right, then absolutely nothing has changed. There is no shortage of parts even for cars from the late 1990s (except for one friend who complained the dealer never had parts in stock for his 2005 Ford Fiesta). This will only help a few people with oddball cars like the Kia Clarus and the Fiat Punto.

    • I took a test drive of the honda accord coupe this weekend, they are already giving 5 years proper warranty, on their cars, with the condition being they should not be serviced outside in the 5 years. This again seems like it will benefit the dealer more than the customer. Not sure how much warranty honda was offering on the coupe before this, mayb it was 5 years only.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      It’s been 5-year since late last year for all Honda models.

  8. Price hike should be expected. But if the price hike is less than the cost for servicing the vehicle for 5 years. Then it can be called CONSUMER PROTECTION.

  9. According to latest updates in this regard, the dealers according to the new contract are opbliged to take the car back after taking 20 % of its price for each year, but the update is that the dealers will link the depreciatuion to the milage, not the duration, like 20 % for each 25K kilometers or so.

  10. 5 years warranty, ill buy the bargain regardless of the brand..

  11. Are there any updates with regard to the news about the 5 year warranty? I put off my purchase of a Nissan Maxima till October after hearing the news…

  12. I know Arabian Automobiles in Dubai were offering the extended warranty on Nissan vehicles. However when I checked with Al Masaood in Abu Dhabi a month ago, they were not.

  13. Well we know of a few car dealers who are already offering 5 years warranty, now how about that free service & maintenance.

  14. Customers interested in buying new or used car extended warranty can contact warranty companies such as ADNIC (Mr. Adil 055-2897928) Gulf Warranties (Miss Magdoline Anis 04-3355347) others are GAP GULF and AAA. For any additional info on warranties feel free to contact.

  15. Does the car warranty start from a date of purchase or date of delivery? These can be two months apart so it makes a big difference in terms of time.

    I am facing something like that right now.

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