Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 debuts in the UAE

Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 debuts in the UAE

The updated 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser is now available in the UAE. Changes are minor, but they include a new front end, some new off-road features, two new engines and a some changes in trim levels.

First off, exterior changes include a new front bumper, a new grille, redone tail lamps, bi-xenon HID headlights with LEDs, and optional 18-inch alloy wheels as well as a body kit for higher models.

There are now three grades in the UAE, namely the EX-R, the GX-R and the VX-R. Below these, there will also be a stripped-down model for fleet buyers. Comapred to the base model, the top model gets noticeably-better interior materials beyond just the upholstery.

There are three engines choices. The entry-level motor, available on the EX-R and GX-R, is an upgraded 271 hp 4.0-litre “Dual VVT-i” V6 with a choice of a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic. The mid-range motor, available on the GX-R and VX-R, is an all-new 304 hp 4.6-litre “Dual VVT-i” V8 replacing the old 4.7-litre V8, with a 6-speed automatic. The top engine, available only in VX-R trim, remains the 362 hp 5.7-litre “Dual VVT-i” V8 with a 6-speed automatic.

Toyota claims the suspension has been upgraded to reduce body roll and improve comfort. A lot is also being said about new offroading options, such as a 5-mode electronic terrain selection system that adapts certain systems to different surfaces, a 4-camera system for climbing mountains and conquering parking lots, a 5-level crawl control system for downhill descents, and an overturn-assist function that locks up one inside rear tyre to make the car turn tighter in offroad conditions, but all of these are available only in the top VX-R trim.

All trim levels beyond the fleet model get basics such as 17-inch alloy wheels, dual airbags, HID headlights, Bluetooth, ABS and keyless starter button, though 18-inch alloys, 10 airbags, rear entertainment system, power-folding third-row and the body kit are reserved for the VX-R. There are also features such as leather, sunroof, rear camera, USB port, cruise control and navigation available from the mid-range GX-R version onwards. Only the fleet model gets a tailgate-mounted spare tyre, while the rest have it hidden under the rear-end. There are no Xtreme versions officially yet.

The ultra-basic fleet version with the 4.0-litre starts at Dhs 195,000. The EX-R trim level with the 4.0-litre starts at Dhs 203,000. The GX-R trim with the 4.0-litre starts at Dhs 212,000, going up to Dhs 223,000. The GX-R trim with the 4.6-litre starts at Dhs 229,000 and tops out at Dhs 240,000. The VX-R with the 4.6-litre starts at Dhs Dhs 280,000 and tops out at Dhs 287,000. The VX-R with the 5.7-litre starts at Dhs 298,000 and tops out at Dhs 305,000.

Keep track of updates in the Toyota Land Cruiser buyer guide.

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  1. Finally with bi-xenon HID headlights!! Now we could proudly call it “Land Cruiser” 😀

  2. The ugliest SUV ever on earth at that price. But hey, its capable of some serious stuff!

  3. The rear seats are still hanging on the sides…

  4. 6 speed manual…… 😀

  5. looks good

  6. like it, always did 😉

  7. hi – you guys seem to know what your’re talking about. Being female, I dont know the first thing about cars, but am in the market for an SUV. Have landed up with two choices: the basic version of the touareg and the high-end version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. (about the same price). any advice on which would be a better buy – in terms of long term use, resale, performance etc..? Thanks so much

    • option wise the GC
      reliability and quality wise the touareg
      “street credit” wise (which is important when u have kids in the back) they are pretty even, with the touareg having the slight edge i’d say

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