So we got a 2012 Mini Coupe Cooper S

So we got a 2012 Mini Coupe Cooper S

We’re not quite sure of the order of the words in its name, but the short version is we finally got to drive a Mini Coupe, in Cooper S trim no less.

The Mini Coupe actually looks smaller in person than in the warped press photos that make it look longer and sleeker. Only the top half is different from the hatchback.

The truth is there is actually very good headroom. But even this “coupe” is also technically a hatchback, with that huge upward-opening rear hatch.

Behind the wheel, it is exactly the same as the regular Mini, except for the slightly-more sloping windshield.

But while the rear seats in the regular Mini hatchback were nearly useless, they don’t even exist here.

That also means the luggage boot is pretty darn big. Even those plastic buttresses along the top can be removed to increase cargo room.

Interestingly, the general public was oblivious to the uniqueness of this Mini. The only people who noticed were Mini owners! More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Nice, I like it very much. 🙂
    Actually, I might even consider buying this car. It looks cool.

  2. Nice piece of Engineering.
    I would buy one if I was still single or with no kids.

  3. I actually have this car in the soft top version its my friends and he left it for me to use for 4 days . Honestly this car has surprised me so much it actually impressed me performance wise and practically its easy and fun to drive , handles great and opening the roof is an effortless job , I admit the Bluetooth and USB system its hard to figure out how to use it. I give it a 7/10 and I’m someone who’s 10/10 is a Toyota 86 <3

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