Mercedes-Benz beats BMW for top luxury sales in GCC

Mercedes-Benz beats BMW for top luxury sales in GCC

For a good while, BMW had the bragging rights for the highest luxury sales in the GCC in certain segments, according to their own figures, thanks largely to the 7-Series nabbing the top spot in the full-size category. But at a recent event, Mercedes-Benz announced that they had regained the lead for luxury sales in the GCC.

Comparing year-to-date figures for 2012 with the same period last year, Mercedes-Benz says the S-Class is again the top seller in the full-size luxury segment, beating out the BMW 7-Series, even as the S-Class enters its last years of production for this generation. Also of note, Mercedes-Benz says the E-Class and the C-Class are the top sellers in their respective segments, with sales increases of upto 30% for some models. Most of the growth in overall sales were due to Saudi Arabia. We assume the BMW X5 still outsells the M-Class for the time being. We were told Audi is left “far behind”.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced several new models of their niche nameplates this year, including the new SLK-Class and the SL-Class, while the M-Class has just hit dealerships quietly, with the facelifted G-Class, GLK-Class and GL-Class debuting here later this year.

In other news, there are reports that Abu Dhabi’s Aabar investment fund is selling off their 9% share in Mercedes-Benz for a huge profit, though it hasn’t been announced officially yet.

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