McLaren MP4-12C retroactively upgraded for 2013

McLaren MP4-12C retroactively upgraded for 2013

McLaren Automotive has officially confirmed the rumoured improvements to its 2013 MP4-12C supercar, and the changes will apparently be available to existing owners as well.

The biggest upgrade will be a 25-hp bump to the twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8, alongside transmission tweaks to help in crisper throttle response and improved clutch control for faster smoother gear changes. This also means that from now on, the MP4-12C will be rated with 616 hp rather than 592 hp.

McLaren says that they also have changed the ‘Intake Sound Generator’ so that the driver can choose how much engine noise they would like to pump into the cabin. Reportedly, they will get rid of the MP4-12C’s touch-sensor doors in favour of small user-friendly buttons after receiving negative reaction to the former system.

Other changes also include automatic headlights along with the automatic wipers, and a new ‘low’ setting for the auto-climate control.

Design changes for 2013 will include a new ‘Volcano Yellow’ paint colour, a new interior trim package and a new wheel design. An optional ‘Vehicle Lift’ mode that raises the front end by 40 mm and the rear by 25 mm to make the car easier to drive over speed bumps and driveways will also be added.

McLaren will offer existing MP4-12C owners most of the upgrades sometime later this year. But importantly, all 2012 MP4-12C’s are eligible to get the engine, transmission, ‘Intake Sound Generator’, programmed headlights, audio and optional power seats upgrade, at no extra cost.

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