University professor eliminates blind spot on mirrors

University professor eliminates blind spot on mirrors

R. Andrew Hicks, a mathematics professor at Drexel University has invented a mirror that eliminates the blind spot and apparently he drew inspiration from a Disco Ball.

Hicks, who received a patent for his creation in May, said “imagine that the mirror’s surface is made of many smaller mirrors turned to different angles, like a disco ball”.

The algorithm developed by Hicks controls the angle of light that bounces off the mirror, making his curved mirror not act like one. The new mirror has an increased perspective of 45 degrees, while most regular rear view mirrors on cars have a field vision between 15 and 17 degrees.

While offering a much clearer and wider view of the traffic behind, the mirror will not make it into new vehicles in the near future. According to law in most countries, the mirror on the driver’s side must be completely flat and currently Ford has one solution for federal regulations with its blind-spot mirror, which is a regular mirror that includes a convex spotter mirror in the upper left-hand corner.

In all probability, you will be able to buy Hick’s mirror as an aftermarket accessory eventually.

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  1. Objects may seem smaller than they actually are

  2. This is really great 🙂
    if I can put it in my dad’s armada side mirror, he will be happy 😀
    Any ideas where to get it?

  3. Does any one remember the olden days where the outer side mirrors were placed near the front of the front fenders. My dad says they were effective on blind spots. Would look retro and cool if they made a come back..

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