BMW SUVs account for huge chunk of GCC sales

BMW SUVs account for huge chunk of GCC sales

In other parts of the developed world, BMW’s best-sellers are the 1-Series, the 3-Series and the 5-Series. We already know that the BMW X6 and the BMW X5 take the second and third spots on BMW’s own sales charts in the GCC, behind the 7-Series.

BMW says that BMW “X” SUV sales accounted for 33% of overall Middle East sales last year. This year, they account for 44% of overall sales so far. That includes the BMW X5 and X6, as well as newcomers X3 and X1, which may be stealing sales from the sedan range. The rest, including the 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series and 7-Series, battle it out among themselves, with their largest sedan winning out for whatever reasons, although we’ve heard some unconfirmed rumours of alleged re-exports and what not.

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  1. X5 and X6 are definitely selling well!

    X1 and X3……what?!!?! Huh??!!! REALLLY ?!?!?

    • Author

      The SUV sales are bunched together, but the X1 and X3 likely make up a very small part of that.

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