Customer almost jumps out of showroom window with VW

Customer almost jumps out of showroom window with VW

A car buyer in China nearly escaped a ‘great fall’ after he drove a Volkswagen half-way out of a showroom window, located on one of the higher storeys of the building. The showroom salesperson let the customer have his way when he requested to hear the engine noise of the vehicle he was planning to purchase. Of course, what the customer didn’t notice is that the vehicle he was about to check was already in gear. As he started the engine, the car started rolling forward, eventually crashing out of the showroom window, but the customer applied the brakes just in time to stop the vehicle from falling off from several floors above ground level.

According to reports, the customer had become numb in the seat after the incident, but they managed to secure the vehicle and pull the customer out of the car safely.

Although very minor damage was caused to the car, the customer agreed to pay for the repairs. However, what remains unknown is that, after all the horrific drama and repairing expenses, whether the customer actually purchased the car or not.

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  1. Customer paying for damages??
    The car was in gear.. The dealer should pay him compensation for almost killing him..!!!!

    • Customer SHOULD get the compensation not the other way round. if it was in india, b4 the customer could get any compensation, there will be some strike ending up in police riot. Breaking more glass with stones maybe on vw cars too. i dont want to interfere when it happens but love to join others to throw stones at those remaining glasses …

    • The customer is an idiot. He was there in control, he should have checked the damn gear before starting. As usual, somebody else is guilty for oneself stupidity.

    • @Djsam1900

      ah… you see that is why China the set to surpass US, and India is simply happy to beat Pakistan.

  2. I was wondering, how did it start? If it is automatic and if in gear the VW’s dont start. If manual you need to depress the clucth to start. I am sure it is customers fault, that’s why he agreed to pay.

    • Well, it’s a Chinese-only model based on a very old design. So maybe it does start up in Drive.

    • In all probability, it was a manual gear. It may have been put to first gear already while parked in the showroom, a normal practice apart from pulling up the hand-brakes, so that the vehicle doesn’t roll when switched off. But switch on while in gear, and if the handbrakes are not on, the vehicle will start rolling. And probably this model never needed the clutch to be depressed before turning on, since it is based on an old design, like Mash said.

  3. As they say, buying a volkswagen is expensive.

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