2014 BMW X5 pictures possibly leaked

2014 BMW X5 pictures possibly leaked

2014 BMW X5
Some pictures have emerged of the 2014 BMW X5, and it looks to be the real deal.

Chinese toy model-makers Diecast Empire or possibly Jadi Modelcraft posted the images on Facebook by mistake and quickly took them off after realising their mistake. It certainly looks legit as the shape seems to match some of the spyshots out there of the new X5.

2014 BMW X5

Expect the new BMW X5 to have three-row seating, carryover turbo engines and a bigger exterior when it debuts later this year.

What do you think?



  1. Looks like a 5 series on stilts with an X1 rear. Creativity at its finest. YAWN.

  2. doesnt look all that different

  3. The X5 has ever been the ugliest SUV in its market segment. And now with this possibly new design, it will still carry this heritage for 7 more years to come.

  4. While the front looks amazing IMO. The rear is just wrong :S.

  5. Are you sure that’s the X5? It looks like the X3 to me O.o

  6. If it looks intimidating in your rear view mirror, It is a BMW X5. The rear looks mean as it should be. High!5 for the new BMW X5 🙂

  7. Re-title : X3 pictures possibly leaked

  8. this is definitely the X5 since X3 has no double exhaust (on the right and left of the rear) and it has the new feature of the air exhausts right after the front wheels.

  9. Waiting for the new X6….

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