Sketches of India-bound Datsun models surface

Sketches of India-bound Datsun models surface

2014 Datsun
Nissan had announced the return of their long gone brand ‘Datsun’ back in 2012, and not much happened after then. However, what we have here are some sketches of what may be the first Datsun in over three decades.

Anyways, we hear that Nissan’s Datsun nameplate revival will begin with two models bound for the Indian market. The sketches unveiled here are of a five-door hatchback based on the Micra (codenamed K2) and a top-down view of a hood that could potentially be from a sedan.

2014 Datsun

The company’s press release says that the vehicles will be unveiled on July 15 in New Delhi, India. It also states that the Datsun lineup will be offered in Indonesia and Russia. Later in 2014, South Africa will join the list.

We also hear that Nissan plans for Datsuns to share platforms with Lada.

The projected price tag for the vehicles will be around the US$3,000 (Dhs 11,000) mark to compete with Chinese imports.

But if a small, super-low-cost Datsun sounds good, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the Middle-East may not be receiving these vehicles; at least for now.

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