Infiniti Q30 premium compact concept revealed at Frankfurt

Infiniti Q30 premium compact concept revealed at Frankfurt

Infiniti Q30 Concept
Infiniti teased us with some sketches earlier. Then just before the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show , the luxury brand revealed the first image of the ‘Q30 concept’ to get everyone buzzing before finally revealing it in the flesh.

The Infiniti Q30 is basically intended to be a premium compact vehicle. And by the looks of it, it wasn’t much different from the original sketches. As a matter of fact, it’s almost as curvaceous and fluidic as the sketch, only a bit more realistic (as it should be). We do admire the aggressiveness that goes with the two-box design too. Still, the brand claims the Q30, when released, will attract young buyers. The interior design as well follows the same fluidic design patterns as the outside to reveal a very funky cockpit.

Infiniti should certainly push for release soon with the small crossover market becoming a popular segment and the Q30 would definitely not look out of place with the luxury brand’s current lineup.

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  1. i love this car but i have no money now what should i do

  2. How long do we have to wait till the Q50 goes on sale in the Middle East ???

  3. Infiniti definitely set a new design benchmark! The only question is, will the production version be as cool as the concept?

  4. This just has ugly interiors imo. Whatever happened to simple clean lines. The interior is just a mess of wavy lines all over, too much bling going on…hopefully it will be toned down in the production version. It does look exciting from the outside though

  5. like jeremy clarkson says “looks like normal car, but melted”

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