Subaru Legacy Concept hints at 2015 model

Subaru Legacy Concept hints at 2015 model

Subaru Legacy Concept
Subaru has this thing for showcasing hot concepts for their existing nameplates at auto shows. However, in production form, they end up being, shall we say, a bit different. In any case, Subaru has shown the new Legacy Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month.

At first glance, it’s almost a mean older brother to the WRX Concept that was shown a while back. But with the flared wheel arches, the 21-inch tyres and the “hawk-eye” headlights, it could very well steal the show from all the midsize sedans in the market today. Furthermore, it wears a custom “Ocean Silver Metallic” paintjob that certainly puts this on our sub-zero wishlist.

We cannot assure you that the showroom-ready Legacy will look anything like this when it debuts a year from now, but if it did, the design, Subaru’s traditional all-wheel-drive system and turbo boxer engine would make it an interesting alternative to its competitors.

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  1. The rear three-quarters seem to be similar to the Sonata ………………….

  2. .. and the front quarter has a strong reminiscence to the Mazda 6!

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