2014 Ford Fusion: We test its Stand-Out driving-safety tech vs Camry, Sonata, Accord & Mazda6

2014 Ford Fusion: We test its Stand-Out driving-safety tech vs Camry, Sonata, Accord & Mazda6

2014 Ford Fusion vs Camry Sonata Accord Mazda6
Cars have become a whole lot “smarter” these days. There’s been a whole host of technological developments that has made driving easier as well as safer than ever before. But until recently, such tech was only found in expensive luxury cars. But Ford was one of the first mainstream brands to start offering electronic driving aids and safety features in affordable cars such as the Ford Fusion.


But first, let’s take a look at the competition, starting off with the Toyota Camry. The base model of this best-seller gets two airbags, cruise control, rear parking sensors and ABS with brake-assist. That’s not bad actually, and well within class standards. Mid-range versions add a reverse camera, while the top-spec model comes with a total of six airbags and ESP.

And then there is the Hyundai Sonata. The base models get one airbag and cruise control. You’d have to move up to one of the mid-range models to get ABS, rear parking sensors and a passenger airbag. Only the top model gets six airbags, rear camera and ESP.

The Honda Accord is very similar in packaging to the Camry, starting off with two airbags, cruise control and ABS in the base model. The mid-range models add side and curtain airbags, rear parking sensors, hill-start assist and ESP. A rear camera is an extra-cost option. A “lane watch” camera, to monitor only your right-side blind spot, is reserved for the V6 models, and not available on the 4-cylinder version.

The Mazda 6 is well-equipped in base trim, with ABS, cruise control, six airbags and ESP. The mid-range models additionally get blind-spot monitoring and a rear camera. The top model comes with adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and smart brake support with obstruction warning.


The 2014 Ford Fusion is even more well-equipped in base trim, with ABS, Emergency Brake Assist, AdvanceTrac stability control, tyre-pressure monitor, front seatbelt pre-tensioners and a class-leading 8 airbags, including front airbags, front-seat side airbags, full-length side-curtain airbags and front knee airbags, that last one being a segment-exclusive. All this in a car with a lower base price than the Toyota Camry.

Mid-range trim levels come with rear parking sensors, rear camera, active park assist with forward-sensing system, and rear inflatable seatbelts. The top version additionally comes with lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist and driver monitoring.

Active Park Assist
The Ford Fusion is one of the few cars in its class that offers this feature. When activated, the car can automatically steer itself into a parallel-parking space with only pedal inputs from the driver, as demonstrated in the video below. Ignore the invisible man!

Inflatable Rear Seat Belts
Aside from having a segment-leading eight airbags already as standard, the Fusion is available with a world-first inflatable seat-belt system for rear passengers, working well even over child-seats. It dissipates the energy from a crash, and offers further protection to the head and neck. So it may very well be the safest car you can buy to ferry your children.

Driver Alert System
This system can actually detect your odd driving patterns to determine whether you’re starting to fall asleep behind the wheel, and then attempt to wake you up with visual and audible warnings.

Lane Keeping Assist
Once found only in luxury cars, the Fusion is available with a lane-keeping assist system that can warn you if you’re wandering out of your lane, with a slight vibration of the steering wheel. It can even be set to lightly nudge the steering to move the car back into lane. The system does not activate if the indicators are used.

Blind-Spot Monitor with Cross-Traffic Alert
Ford’s advanced BLIS system warns you if there is a car in your blind spot on the road, with a little light that turns on in your side-mirrors. So you can be aware of cars not visible in your mirrors when changing lanes. And additional feature is cross-traffic alert, that warns you if a car is coming when you are backing up onto a road from a parking space.


What do you think?



  1. In a class segment where it has to cater a wider range of requirements I think it’s a good buy to invest in a (base) fusion which possess good handling to go with the looks. A bit disappointed though they don’t include parking sensors or cruise control in the base. Also I don’t know if many people will shell out large sums for lane assist and driver alert although they are useful additions. All in all,I say go with a base model fusion, you might find more value in the long run.

  2. Well done ford!

  3. All of those features plus more exist in Mazda3 top of the range with even less price!

    • The Mazda 3 is a much smaller car and doesn’t have half the features mentioned here.

    • Correction.
      The options the Mazda 3 doesn’t come with are the inflatable seat belts, knee airbag and the self parking feature. Otherwise it carries everything else the Fusion carries

  4. Ford has always made decent if not good effort in terms of safety features which can be routes to the days where they used to own Volvo. This BLIS was actually derived from Volvo if I’m not mistaken, but Volvo’s were premium cars that stood for safety.

    Good to see even the base models covering up your and your family’s safety. Side and curtain airbags should be a standard feature in cars of this segment. Its a shame Koreans are getting base models without ABS and just single airbag so that they just qualify to import and sell these cars here. Basically, you get what you pay for.

    New Fusion is impressive in terms of looks and features. Seems like a good sedan for the family man who likes to stand out

  5. after the 8 airbags news for base model.

    My votes for Ford
    coz…..life is precious and today’s metal in cars with out airbags is quite fatal

  6. Impressive set of features for a mid-sizer. Bring in the turbo version with AWD, and i would definitely buy one

  7. I am impressed by how Ford manages to keep all the safety features in their base options.

  8. I think the regulation in UAE should set a minimum set of safety features. for example, if you look at Kia here in UAE, as the article said you need to go for top trim to get the full set of safety features whereas in US the basic models comes with 6 airbags, ABS, ESP, etc.

    Safety is a very important aspect that should be implemented in UAE because the sight of crashed and crumbled cars on the roads just keep getting worse.

    • this raises the price of the car very very high

      maybe that’s why they sell the car with less features and safety they want to attract more buyers

  9. I like it

    but some safety systems interfere with my radar detector 😛

  10. I am not against any of these cars but what Ford is offering in 2014 you can get in 2008 VW apart from the inflatable seat belts but you get parallel and 90 deg parking in VW.

  11. Hi Mash,

    Can you also include the Altima also in future as it is also one of the mid segment saloons seen very often on the roads here.


  12. I think Ford is in the right direction with this car, even the styling is impressive.

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