Nissan Patrol Black Edition to launch in UAE

Nissan Patrol Black Edition to launch in UAE

Nissan Patrol Black Edition

Arabian Automobiles, UAE’s Nissan dealer for Dubai and Northern Emirates, is launching the Nissan Patrol “Black Edition” this Ramadan. Only a limited number of these special edition versions will be available.

The Patrol “Black Edition” will be available for both the 320 hp and the 400 hp V8 engine options.

Customers can have it with either a white or black exterior colour. All of them get a tan-coloured interior.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. I’ll have a WHITE ‘Black Edition’ Please 😛

  2. its really spectacular i saw it in a car show tuk a couple of interior and exterior pics, it also has sumptuous luxury seats

  3. Ummm, errr, how can a black edition have a white exterior and tan interior? Where is the black?
    The engine?
    Or is it like ordering a american chopusey and expecting to find america in it?

  4. What are the prices for each of them?

  5. buy it and get cooked under the sun

  6. Why leave the headlights like that? should have had smoked glasses.

  7. Lol Nawaf agree with you.

  8. I agree with royersa
    It would look much sexier if the head and tail lights were in dark smoked glass

  9. i want a nissan patrol in my home

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