2017 Nissan Titan half-ton model slips in under XD model

2017 Nissan Titan half-ton model slips in under XD model

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Nissan introduced the Titan XD a few months ago and it was positioned between half-ton and the three-quarter-ton pickups from other brands. Now at the Chicago Auto Show last week, they have spawned a baby brother for the XD, the standard sized half-ton Titan which is slated for 2017. The half-ton Titan might look like a ringer of its big brother, but Nissan swears that beneath the body panels, it shares close to no chassis components with the bigger model. Apparently even the lug nuts are different.

It uses the usual 5.6 litre V8 engine which puts out 390 hp and 543 Nm of torque. This millis mated to a 7-speed transmission which channels the power to all four wheels or just the rear wheels, depending upon your preference. But Nissan is keeping a tight lip about the V6 engine that is bound to follow.

The chassis of the Titan is quite a bit smaller than the XD. The wheelbase is about 300mm shorter than the XD, while the overall length is almost 400mm less.
The width and the cab sizes remain the same though, which ensures the availability of a lot of room in the vehicle.

Nissan is offering a great deal of options which range from three cab styles — Crew, King and Single — to five trims — S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve. This list is stretched out even further by 3 choices of bed lengths and several colour choices.

Nissan haven’t released any details on the pricing yet. The Titan will go on sale in the U.S. this summer, although plans for a GCC launch are not confirmed yet.

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  2. Leave everything just focus on the back Is it just a copy of f-150… or it is just me 😐

    • Definitely a copy and paste job of the new F-150 Platinum. Even the dual-tone color scheme is exactly like the King Ranch. Then again the F-150 is the best selling truck for 35 years running, so its no surprise other manufacturers will copy them.

  3. The new standard titan should be a lot of fun to drive like the old titan. Titan is great for a first truck. It doesn’t have a lot of options. They still don’t seem to understand the truck culture of the USA. We love our trucks for their looks, usefulness, power and fun. Dodge knows it and so does Ford. Toyota won us over with quality and luxury. The American truck is a lifestyle. Nissan really needs a truck minded person running this branch and making the decision. They could have touched up the standard titan to give it more of a presence. The titan warrior concept would have made a great heavy duty truck. The old titan I had was great. It had its own style. They kept it too long and got passed by the consumers looking at the big three creative trucks. Nissan moved but not enough on the titan. I am from Mississippi and a little disappointed in their foresight. Who does their marketing research? It seems no one for the trucks.

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