Turkish company Letvision builds BMW-based Transformer

Turkish company Letvision builds BMW-based Transformer


Transformers have been a part of almost every boy’s childhood and having something as charismatic and enormous as Bumblebee for a pet would both be as much a technological wonder as it would be a dream come true.

According to Gizmodo, a company based in Ankara, Turkey called Letvision has unveiled a transforming robot based on a BMW 3-Series coupe. A number of videos hosted on Letvision’s website and YouTube account captures the the movement and workings of the red transformer car called Letron, controlled by an operator with a remote control in hand.

The video shows Letron driving through an open parking lot as a car comes to a stop facing the camera, then like a convertible — only a very complicated one — Letron splits and “transforms” into the robot that it was designed to become. Once standing, the robot turns its head around, flexes for the camera, flashes its fancy lights, then contorts into the car and drives away. As spectacular as it may seem, the transformation takes much longer than the sub-second metamorphosis shown in the blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Letron is the only operational prototype in a family of special robots based on BMW vehicles. But there is more to be seen, from the company that plans to showcase more such examples with names like Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tantal.

Pricing of these metallic sculptures haven’t been disclosed, but we are pretty sure that it will be a few multiples of the price of the BMWs they are based on.

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