Saleen previews the 1000 hp S7 LM

Saleen previews the 1000 hp S7 LM


Saleen has quite a history. The American Supercar manufacturer came out with the mighty fast S7 model in 2000 and then with a faster twin-turbo S7 in 2006. A number of lawsuits filed against them in the recent years by Ford dealers and a few customers due to delayed deliveries gave them a tough time. But they are now back with a bang. They have previewed their new S7, the S7 Le Mans edition. Saleen claims that they are bringing back America’s only true supercar. This edition will hark back to their victory at the 2010 Le Mans.

The aesthetics of the new model is similar to the twin-turbo S7. The new model will feature a twin-turbo 7.0-litre engine that breaches the magical 1000 horsepower barrier. This new car will also feature a lighter construction with more exposed carbon fibre. Updated suspension and electronics are also on offer. And if the 1000 hp doesn’t move you, Saleen will offer you what they claim to be “functional performance enhancements” and a few visual additions that include bespoke wheels, unique liveries and customised interiors. This is a million dollar car after all. Yes, you heard it right. A million dollars is what you have to pay to buy one of these.

Performance details of the S7 LM have not been revealed yet but we believe it will be jolly fast. Factoring in the sub 3 seconds 0-100 kph timing of the old twin-turbo S7 which had “just” 750 hp on offer, it’s quite obvious that the 1000 hp S7 LM is going to be a bit faster. If the added power, reduction in weight and the performance upgrades are all spot on, we can expect the LM to be one of the fastest road legal cars ever made.

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  1. There was a controversy that this had been a poorly photo shopped marketing image.

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