Lamborghini Aventador S debuts with facelift and power upgrade

Lamborghini Aventador S debuts with facelift and power upgrade

Six years after the Murcielago was replaced by the Aventador, Lamborghini has given its flagship an updated version. The new version of the V12 supercar will be called the Aventador S and it will be slotted in between the standard Aventador and the range-topping Super Veloce (SV). The S sports a revised body as well as some tweaks that make it go faster.

The revisions on its body include a host of aerodynamic upgrades. The front splitter is now more pronounced and it sports a new design that aids in cooling. The two new side ducts are placed to improve downforce. The vertical fins at the rear resemble the ones on the Aventador SV. The Aventador S is also fitted with an adaptive wing that adjusts in three positions according to the speed and the selected drive mode. All these changes in the aerodynamic setup dish out a 130% increase in front downforce which can be hiked to a whopping 400% if the car is set in low-drag mode.

The 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 is tuned to produce 40 more hp. This update enables the engine to dish out 730 hp, 10 less than the SV. As a result, the performance figures are also improved. The 0-100 kph sprint is now dealt with in 2.9 seconds while the top speed is 349 kph. The power is handled by a 7-speed ISR gearbox and a Haldex all-wheel-drive system.

The Aventador S is loaded with gizmos that don’t exist in the current model. The four-wheel-steering system is the most important one among the lot. The rear-wheelsteering not only aids in high-speed handling but also in low-speed manoeuvring. In lower speeds, the rear wheels turn slightly in the direction opposite to that of the front wheels to virtually reduce the wheelbase of the car. In higher speeds, both the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction in their respective angles to aid in handling.

A system named `Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva’ (LDVA) handles the data from all the sensors around the car to set the car up in the perfect configuration according to the conditions. There are four chassis modes to choose from — Sport, Strada, Corsa and Ego (not Eco!), the last one being the mode to set up the car for individual preferences.

The Aventador S will be launched in Europe in mid-2017, and probably in the UAE at around the same time, considering these photos look like it’s already here.

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